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  • foggiecat foggiecat Aug 9, 2013 4:27 PM Flag

    Nice Way to End the Week

    Good CC good Q report and the Trolls even seem to have quit Trolling.......

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    • Maybe their "trolling motors" burned out foggie LOL!!!
      (I amuse myself!.)
      Good to hear from you lightdoesnotage!

      OT/ Foggie, did you read the latest TGB conference call transcript, or listen to it?
      They really should never, ever, ever let Russ on one of those calls again.
      Or even in front of a mic.
      Yes, it was that bad, the worst, or funniest I have ever heard, depending on your position.
      I hope he was on heavy duty meds, at least that would be a valid excuse.
      It kind of went like this:
      "Um, yeah, oh, uhh, now where did I put that err, ore, I mean napkin with the ore on it?
      You really need to listen to it for a good laugh. And this was on an almost decent quarter too.
      (And they wonder why their canoes keep getting stolen!)
      Interestingly enough, it sounds like they just may have a shot at P3 squared this time. The hearings are supposedly going pretty well. Although the T'silly-quotients could tie this up in courts for a long time.
      (I wonder if ol' rusty and ol' baptiste ever had a thing going and he dumped her. That would explain her animosity. Those little fish swimming around in there are each worth literally a couple bars of gold. The T'silly-quotient's could just take the cash and buy a small country with a lake and relocate those dang fish.
      Or just 'em. They ought to be pretty tasty at the price they are commanding!!!!)

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to dragon_legal_department
      • Dragon, Since I sold out some time ago at $4.25 I haven't listened to one of the TGB comedy shows, I mean CCs. I have read your remarks on the message board. I guess I'll listen in for grins and something to razz gibraltarjohn about. I remember years ago when I first got involved with TGB good ole Russ was saying the same thing about P1 approval was looking good and was just around the corner. We all know how that turned out no?

        Even IF they do get approval, which I doubt, how in dickens is Russ and H-D going to find the money to build out the mine? We know what it costs to build a greenfield open pit mine in B C, and costs are just going to go up with time.

        I'm glad I'm out of TGB, with a small profit. Good luck to you.

    • between FCX and TC my portfolio is looking quite happy this week. The only oopsie I made recently was selling my VNDA stock a few months back for $4 (it is over $11 now).