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  • gcoffman008 gcoffman008 Aug 12, 2013 6:49 AM Flag

    blue state muni bond yields----EXPLODING........



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    • this was VERY predictable and quite hilarious----as the blatant failure of liberal policies will be on full display in broad daylight for all who have eyes to see----some will pretend they don't ; ).

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      • Sir the liberal policies of this nation have made one of the greatest economies of the world by raising an educated and informed middle class with the economic power to protect the world from terrorism and untold hardships . The economic hard ships of the last 20 years have been the movement of jobs over seas in search of ever cheaper labour in what the fed has called free world market. The hard ships of Detroit can directly relate with the ever rising import of cheap foreign goods and the movement of production of US companies to over seas production this is the failed policies not the feeding of the poor and less fortunate of our country. You do not understand the American Values of this nation the child labour laws 40 hr work week safety programs all are products of what you call liberal policies and the new favourite policy to attack Obama care. all of these policies helped this nation grow to the economic giant it is.