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  • gcoffman008 gcoffman008 Oct 9, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

    BREAKING----AP poll----OBUMMER approval drops to 37%............hehehehehe

    suck it....

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    • jimclancy464 Oct 9, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

      You will never see a Conservative President again. Three more great Obama years. Eight Hillary. Then eight with Andrew. Low IQ conservatives will amalgam with higher IQ Libertarians to form a Third Party that will slowly replace the dying Republicans. When their non-bigoted policies are formed they will be a major threat to the Liberal and Progressive agenda. However, that is at least 25 years into the future. The Gcoffman's of the world are dying out and generally their children are far more intelligent and open then they are.
      You can't argue with demographics. We won this game ---for now.

    • You're right, America is ignorant as all get out. Who are the 37% freakin' Einstein's, whom are pleased with his performance (from the sidelines, in a reactionary, arm chair QB sort of way?! :/ As far as TC goes, I added today at $3.05, and selfishly hope that gcoffman is right, with one last swoon, down to about $2.58 or so, to really load up. for when this political nonsense, finally wraps up. Still looking for the potus to start leading by example, rather than setting a bad one, of not even talking. What a GREAT communicator! :/ Or, is he a GREAT uniter? :/ Heck, I'd settle for a half arsed, decent community organizer, at this point. As for our military, and the goofiness of not paying out benefits, alleged threats against Priests to even conduct Mass on military bases, etc, etc, etc, we have some "commander in chief", more like "demander" in disbelief, in that some realize that, the "king" doth has no clothes, and have the stones to call him on it. Grow up, man up, SPEAK up, communicate with the other leaders, who were also elected, to represent them.

      Sentiment: Buy

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