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  • If the nut cases in the House do force a default, they will cause the American people to lose more in stock and equity losses than the entire cost of the program, not including a possible new and self inflicted recession, as well as increase borrowing costs, and huge damage to the full faith and credit of the U.S. And for what? To get rid of a law that's been enacted and upheld by the Supreme Court? If the laws so bad enact lawmakers who can repeal it. What are they afraid of, that it might work exposing their nonsense? No wonder the absolute panic to get rid of it at all costs NOW, even the country itself. The worst of the worst. period.

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    • Contrary to Joe Biden Logic that states that one "must go deeper into debt to get out of debt" accomplished economist in the world has figured out how that liberal parable of logic works yet.

      Thus, either the liberals like Biden are wrong, or everybody else is.

      History has illustrated that liberals are wrong regarding the topic of how to best manage a governments debts.


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      • I can't quite figure you out. I fully agree with your purpose, but I disagree with the pace of change that you seem to desire. A gradual step by step change could achieve the same results but without the chaos and collateral damage. Yet somehow, anyone that seems to disagree with your "Default Now!" approach gets branded a nutcase and called names. You realize, or course, that its just this kind of attitude that is keeping the nation from making any progress at all.

    • The REAL "nut cases" as you say---are the one DRIVING the $17 TRILLION in national debt and applying the GAS PEDAL.