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  • foggiecat foggiecat Oct 10, 2013 10:58 AM Flag


    Associated Press
    Andrew Taylor, Associated Press 40 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- GOP aides say House Speaker John Boehner will ask House Republicans to approve a short-term extension of the government's ability to borrow to meet its bills.

    The Ohio Republican is slated to urge his staunchly conservative GOP colleagues to act before the government runs out of borrowing authority next week.

    Republicans have been insistent that budget cuts and other measures be added to the so-called debt ceiling legislation but the aides wouldn't say whether he'll seek to add other material to the measure.

    The aides required anonymity to reveal the information before Boehner makes an announcement after a closed-door meeting with his GOP colleagues.

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    • The real challenge now is for both parties to come up with something to offer the speaker and his party so that they can save some face. While the initial demands were unreasonable, they need to be left with something that they can sell to their base and constituents to indicate that their efforts were not in vain. Perhaps a further reduction from the $3803 billion budget in FY13 (which includes the sequester)? Another 5% would be $3.6 billion, which might be palatable. There's plenty of pork still remaining (particularly in agriculture and corporate tax breaks) but it's a question of whose ox would be gored - republicans have just as many absurd pet projects as democrats and they'll all cling tightly to them.

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      • You are correct about something The Speaker can use as cover. He knew this was going to be a can of worms for the GOP just like last time. There is an election in 2014 and making the electorate angry over manufactured issues is not smart politics.

      • dragon_legal_department dragon_legal_department Oct 10, 2013 11:31 AM Flag

        It's the smart thing to do. Someone has to be the bigger man here and put the interests of the country first. Evidently this is just an extension though, so even if they get it approved we'll be back in the soup again very shortly unless both sides can actually work together constructively.

        "republicans have just as many absurd pet projects as democrats and they'll all cling tightly to them"

        And there lies the real problem, right? Not to mention SS disability fraud, EBT fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, etc.
        You just get rid of most of the fraud and some of the most egregious pork programs (ethanol anyone?) and you'll save 10% right there!

        Get rid of most of the IRS (Hey - the SEC can use the help, move them to there!!!) and install a non regressive flat consumptive tax, lower the corporate rate back to competitive levels and let all the U.S. companies repatriate overseas profits if they use them for expansion and research here, and watch the economy take off!

        But what do I know? I'm just not smart enough to make an @#$ of myself regularly on national TV, play slap n tickle with interns all day, take bribes under the table and tweet photos of my privates.....

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