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  • superlithe superlithe Oct 23, 2013 7:49 AM Flag

    The future of Moly at TC


    During the last conference call, the then CEO stated that stripping at Thompson Creek mine might commence with moly at $12/pound. He went on to explain that if moly were $14/pound it would be a "no-brainer". TC announced that they will definitely put all the moly mines on C & M if moly prices don't go up from the current $9.60 to the required $12.00. They run the mine, why would they lie about this? Moly demand is flat and the moly supply is expanding, so moly pricing is not likely to move up anytime soon. There is no conspiracy here, management is trying to inform investors about the future. Listen to the conference call for yourselves, ignore their announcement at your own peril.

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    • What is your problem? You keep posting here trying to convince people of stupid theories and it does nothing. Why not just short the stock and not worry about what anybody else thinks. Make your own money(or lose) but why are you so determined to spew really dumb sounding statements out here like your voice matters?

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    • Stupidlithe:

      They did not DEFINITELY state they were putting ANY of their moly mines on care and maintenance.

      Stop with the lies and drama.

      They said they MIGHT put TC on care & maintenance IF they decide at the end of 2014 to do so.

      Loughery also talked up Endako, their worst moly mine, and stated it had a "bright future...".

      They'll likely do the opposite of what Loughery was babbling about in the conference call, because the TC mine is their low-cost producer (absent stripping costs) and will be such going forward (once they are through incurring a year's worth of stripping costs there - - when Phase 8 stripping is complete).

      TC mine won't incur any further stripping after a total Phase 8 stripping occurs, but I suspect they scale back their mine plans to dodge the need for an EIS (required based on current mine plan associated with Phase 8).

      The real issue (flaw) in the mine plan for Phase 8 at the TC mine is what they want to do with the TSF (expand it onto land the Dept. of Interior controls, via the US Forest Service). This requires a gov't approved EIS. They were supposed to have it in Jan 2013, but its bottled up apparently. This mine plan that requires the EIS will be changed to accomodate future low-cost production, as a scaled back strip of the TC pit won't generate the waste rock that necessitates an EIS in the first place. Thus, they can withdrawl their draft EIS at a future date, as a scaled-down Phase 8 strip removes the need for it. TC has only vaguely disclosed this in their Risk Factors section of their 10-K. That's whats driving the intrigue with the fate of the TC mine. The cash liquidity rationale is just Company camoflage, and always was.

      Grow a brain, for once.

      Better yet, put it to work reading the TC Mine's technical report. That says it all. The TC mine Phase 8 project has positive NPV regarding the $110mm strip costs down to a price of $9 lb, primarily because its the last strip they'll ever have to do there.


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    • I live 4 miles in front of the Moly mine in the summer time.The stock never got me terribly excited. But mt.Milly does.If you don't understand this :. The bulk of earnings will come from mt milly in gold and copper and they should show up in about three weeks in earnings. This mine does make a lot of sense. When prices improve they'll reopen the mine. Every day I saw trucks loaded with moly leaving the mine this summer. Moly pricing is a function of steel production and steel production is increasing. Question should we also ignore the announcement of Mt milligan production at our own peril especially when analysts are putting Royal gold at buy because of the new gold production from Mt milligan.?Remember this closing down the mine will make prices go up and the costs go down because it is already mined waiting to go out when the price increases I certainly wouldn't sell until I hear more about mt Milly on November 13 th.