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  • avegasdude777 avegasdude777 Feb 27, 2014 1:40 PM Flag

    Hey Dragon...

    So I am ay a 100% postion here now(TC) with shares, and some short and medium calls and a few Leaps for next Jan...
    At this point and price, I see the Jan '15 and '16 calls as the cheapest loto ticket here still... $2's primarily... Highest Premium, Price and Risk... but IMO highest % payoff if you want to leverage up for more risk....

    As for MGN, up from .50 to 1.50 in just a few mos... mostly a spec play/trade only... Do your DD, very good story for hollywood, IMO Corruption, Lies, Claimjumping and even a shooting... what Drama...! On hold there, unless it hit $2 soon, then I will sell half for profit let the rest ride... Alredy hit my $1.50 target this am...

    On NEVDF, waiting on Land Deal for City of Yerrington.. Full BiPartisan support, but up to US govt to OK so risk... it is moving through Conresss(like molasses in winter)... Check out the specs on Pumpkin Hollow though... They have already started building on Private land, going up there in a few mos to eyeball it...

    It is one of my 'Local' plays, which I am liking more... US(ish) companies cause they don't approve mines in Canada often enough, it takes too long and costs too much to get boned by some Eco-Nazis or Aboriginals...

    I do not endorse or recommend any trades, plays or companies, just what I am doing for me... I am long TC, MGN and NEVDF...


    PS I do have a few Mar$2's I would like to make some off of so giddy-up TC... Defy the markets and go up.... lol

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    • Dragon, are you adding or holding on TC... or actively trading? Just Curious...

      I am on Hold for now except for those few Mar's ...

      Have a Good Weekend All


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      • Vegas, I am holding for longer term here. Not actively trading. This is, when all is said and done,. a debt deleveraging play. One of the better ones you are likely to ever find imho. But not a traders stock. It will go up and down based on metals pricing, China sentiment, and sector sentiment (believe it's trending lower on negative gold and sector sentiment right now) but barring those periods when a pop is likely from a catalyst (IE - the removal of the T-Med arbitrage play overhang, debt refinancing, etc) this stock is not followed closely enough to be a good trading vehicle.
        I may add on dips from time to time, (especially the '16 LEAPS) but honestly I am well over a full position here.
        If I were not, I definitely would be looking to add on weakness.

        I'll take a quiet, gradual double or triple over the next couple of years give or take, and be pretty happy.

        It's nice to have a poly metallic call too! (With King Copper, Gregarious Gold and Mighty Moly :-) Copper and moly may trade somewhat in sync, barring differing supply and demand issues.
        Gold of course, trades with an entirely different set of parameters than industrial metals.

        Much better than owning a single commodity miner !

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hey Vegas! Welcome! I know you're familiar with TC, who to read etc. Very very interesting post on the NI 43-101 started by carlrich - read that if you have not yet done so. Lots of tidbits by ultra, plenty of intrigue with TC as well, but few seem to know about it,
      I love the $2 '15 and '16 leaps - low risk imho and some extra leverage. Got a bunch of the '15 $5s I paid too much for I'm sweating out, and some $4 '15 puts I sold for a nice premium (I was trying to be a bit more conservative) plus my common stock.
      I expect to buy those puts back for a decent profit, or I'll just take my TC shares at a net $2.50 cost to me - so I'm happy either way.
      Got a few June calls too, not too sure about the March ones though - you may just want to back out of those or roll them into June or September. We need some catalysts and besides the analyst upgrades I'm not expecting much until the Q2 call. Unless metals prices rise, that is.

      I'll look into those ideas. May hold off on MGN if it's had that quick of a run already....but NEVDF sounds interesting.
      What do you think of Curis - (PCCRF) - any value there as a TC take out target - a little article about that today in the financial post as a matter of fact. What kind of a premium do you think Curis might see if TGB were to swallow it?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Yeah, Used to trade TC when it was in the teens... now I'm

        WAAAAY funny story, but my Spec/Trade/Miners portfolio goes up 9%+ yesterday even though it had TGB and TC??? It my junk drawer porfolio(15+ scraps and partial lots of spec and smalls from back in my mining sector days)...

        P2 gets whacked, tgb drops and I sell my Mar$2 straddle(C.20+P.15=cost of .35c cost)... sold the calls early for .16c, Puts later for .20c and actaully made 1c, but lost the costs/commissions... I also sold my shares(in at 2.10) for $2, and only lost .10 on a couple hundred shares!!! Ended up losing les than $100 so cheap lesson...

        Then MGN goes nuts again, be careful, it has really had a move and is at my $1.50 target... I am now like Tc, Holding what I have there... but do your DD, and check the story/history out...

        So I got a couple TC $2Jan'15's for .99 and was watching MGN when I noticed PCCRF...

        PCCRF/CUV.TO woke up yesterday as TGB owns a big chunk and Russ is the Chairman there and I guess the folks up north think tgb WILL eat them as a plan B... I do not know, but the 20+% bump was nice! I had 2 of the top four holdings in there as leftover MGN and PCCRF(also still has some other HD co's like Northcliff, Heatherdale and Amarc), so that portfolio had a great day, too funny IMO that TGB gets a NO, I get off cheap and score on the backside cause of Curis... LOLOL

        Maybe I got a Karmic Payoff for Pooh-Poohing on P2 by giving it 100 or 50 to 1 odds since it was first proposed...? I only tried to stick to the facts, and should have just left it at 100-1... it really never had a chance IMO and neither does a lawsuit, also IMHO...

        P2 dies and I have the best day all month, and today is another new day....

        Had to relate story to you, still smiling... I did post the PCCRF move on TGB... nobody noticed it... I also posted on PCCRF and CUV.TO, check the Vol on PCCRF yesterday - 12X... it's awake!