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  • algeee algeee Feb 17, 2000 7:26 PM Flag

    Found this on CNBC website....

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    • Ok, It's my first day in this

      Could you show me why a split announcement will cause a
      stock to rise by 20-30 points?

      By the way, if
      you think each and every stock should go up by 20-30
      points after a split announcement, then go to

      and take a good look.

    • if you have not seen this before, you may take a
      look at

      scroll down to the Long-term capital gain part.
      idea is: You only pay 10% if you hold for more than 1
      year. Otherwise you pay 20%.

    • What kind of question did you just ask--"What
      will a split make to you real stock value?" How long
      have you been in the market? Surely you are savy
      enough to know what effect a stock split announcement
      has on the stock price. Didn't you see BRCD, IMNX and
      all the others who announced a split trade
      after-hours? All were up 20-30 points. CIEN will be down 10
      tomorrow due to no announcement. GET REAL!!!

    • I bought at 30 3/4 and added on the correction to
      45. It's all been posted before. I didn't want to
      sell but not having other fiber stocks that I own
      participate in this last run, I put in a limit order after it
      backed off 21 and change. Didn't think it would fill as
      the stock was at 116 with about 20 minutes to go.
      MM's took it up to 120 1/8 with about 15,000 shares
      and snagged it and then backed off at close. Look at
      time and sales for yesterday and you will see blocks
      of 120. Tomorrow is option day so I look for a
      sell-off. See if I can snag some tomorrow. The tax never
      has bothered me cause if I'm paying taxes, I'm making
      money. Personally, I didn't think earnings were that

      ps- Remember, pigs get slaughtered in
      this business.


    • If you got in at 60, tell us what's the major
      difference it make by selling at 110 or 120? Think about it
      in percentage, and also seriously consider the
      income tax you are going to pay.

      Tonight I saw so
      many whiners on the board. What's the big deal?
      because of no split announcement. What will a split make
      to your real stock value? At the moment, only
      difference is: simply change the formula.
      (# of shares) *
      120 = 2 * (# of shares) * 120/2

      Most important
      thing is the Earning met the expectation, actually a
      little bit above. And CIEN got a big customer as they

      If you think you will be able to get back in at 90,
      you maybe have to wait for the rest of your life(if
      my estimation is right).


      LONGs, hold strong. CIEN is the way to go.

      I did
      not see CIEN veterans tonight. Where are you, guys?
      come up and say something to whiners. show them fact,
      cheer them up !

    • You would of look foolish if after you sold the company was bought out for 200 dollars,we wouldn,t be listening to your bullshit.

    • I appreciate you posting it as I said I would not do it anymore. Good luck.

    • made this run alone as MRVC and MFNX did not
      follow. These stocks had stayed together for awhile as
      the whole sector has been bullish. But going alone, I
      figured it was just an earnings run.


    • "Metro DWDM is very real," says Robertson
      Stephens senior analyst Paul Silverstein. "It�s not a
      of whether it will be big, but when. Once this
      market takes off, it will reinforce the demand for
      switching, and Ciena has one of the leading
      solutions in that market."

    • Great article......... "Ciena, no longer a
      recovery story." "Ciena is a growth story". That means

      Target $150-$200. Looks good to me.

      8 strong
      10 buys
      1 hold

      Analysts like it. It looks
      like this will be a great quarter. CIEN always pulls
      back after earnings and then begins moving up toward
      analysts target again. This is nothing new and all the
      long time shareholders here know this.

      • 1 Reply to AmSassy_2
      • you're right in that CIEN and other valued stocks
        pul back as profit-taking sets into play following
        earnings announcement.

        But you know what usually
        tends to happen is the stock stabilizes and begins to
        move up as analyst firms now revise estimates and
        place where necessary upgrades and targets

        To the CIEN faithful.. keep watching... a overly
        bullish move like what CIEN has encountered the past two
        weeks should not faze you. Rather it should give you
        lots of hope and for those who got it near the teens..
        lots of spending dough!!

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