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  • gore_is_better_for_wallstreet gore_is_better_for_wallstreet Sep 9, 2001 2:49 PM Flag

    Clinton/Gore Economic Team was

    SO much smarter then these Bush turds!

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    • Okay then name me just one economic plan that those idiots implemented while in office? Just try to name me one. First things those morons did when they took control was give this country the largest tax hike in the history of civilization. The GDP numbers of President Bush last qrtr in office was 3.5%,the GDP numbers of clintons last qrtr in office was barely 1 frickin percent.

    • Greenie brought us the bear market. Anyone who's got a half-century or more under their belt knows that Clinton/Gore brought more prosperity to this country than any other administration in our time. Greenspan and co. did the the hatchet job. This, of course, was to bring on the bear market so that the big boys could fatten their pockets at the expense of mom and pop america (in my cynical and humble opinion, of course). Nader may have helped elect W, but he has one thing right. He calls W "A corporation disguised as a human being." Couldn't put it better. By the way, how 'bout that price of gas? Joke's on us. Bear market may have been a long time coming, but what better than a Republican administration to oversee it? LOL. Joke's on us. Don't fret, though. Bull will return when market begings to realize that W will follow in his father's footsteps as a one-termer. Question is, how much damage will his U-turn on the econmy do in the meantime. How about that surplus? Took 8 years to build, 8 months to demolish. Anyone who thinks this shows that W has us on the right track, please raise your hands. (Idiots need not respond.) Will W do as his father did and ignore the economy? Leave things up to "market forces?" A sort of laissez-faire, let 'em eat cake attitude? As Yogi would say, "It's deja-vu all over again." These are the things that the market looks to. That's why the picture looks bleak. Better days WILL come, folks. For now I'll keep this market at arm's length.

    • Name one thing they did for the economy! Just one....oh let's see they used cigars to screw interns, they lied under oath (the legal fees helped spur the DC area economy, they had to buy sex gifts for the wife of one of them to use on her girlfriends, anything else you can verify please let me know!

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