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  • oysternomics oysternomics Oct 19, 2001 11:30 AM Flag

    shorts are back in the market

    they have once again gained control of the markets. they are heavy shorters of CSCO....EBAY....BEAS.....CHKP....and others....will they cover at the close, if so a bounce late afternoon....if not....more downside monday....once they have it headed in thier direction, they will not let up....they show no mercy....they are like buzzards looking for a dead dog.....

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    • I believe you are mistaken, I have seen other posters (fly..for example) swear up and down that you CAN short under $5, it depends on your broker.
      I personally haven't tried it.
      And I believe you are right that the day traders, aka momentum players, recently "visited" this stock.

    • i haven't bought a stock yet that people didn't claim was being controlled by short sellers.

      which stocks don't hedge funds bother with?

    • You better listen to the oyster on this one. The hedge funds have a lot of buying and selling power in a nervous market like we have, and they have been running the NASDAQ up and down for several months. If you can't get into sync with them you are probably right; Better off to get out or get into stocks that the hedge funds don't bother with.

    • oysternomics, Why the impact on CMGI is quite heavier than the other stocks you mentioned ???

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      • when the uBID press release came out and cmgi started moving up, this brought in the momentum traders....they only trade stocks that are moving, this is why cmgi ran up....and when they get the max out of a stock, they are gone just a quick as they entered....and wed they left....and this left only your joe six pack invesotrs...the average investor....and when they see just a hint of any downside, they fold....this is what we saw today.......if the nasdaq stays under pressure you will see more downside in cmgi....

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