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  • germiz2000 germiz2000 Jan 4, 2004 11:37 AM Flag

    sobi don't post junk

    what is happening?u used to post useful stuff now u r posting absolute junk.I use to search for ur posts to read but now if this continues i'm going to avoid ur posts

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    • Enjoy all Sobi stuff, you are now one ignored germ.

    • F-O GERM, THE ONLY "JUNK" SOBI HAS OR COULD EVER DEAL IN, IS "SPACE JUNK ORBITING" HOW ABOUT YOU, EVER DESIGNED A SATELLITE? THESE ARE EXCITING TIMES FOR OUR MENTOR, AND OUR WORLD. CHINA, JUNK??$$$$ THX. FOR YOUR ENTHUSIASM SOBI,ABOVE THE EARTH AND "DOWN TO EARTH".YOUR PERSONAL INTERESTS ARE OF INTEREST TO MOST OF US,YOU NEVER WASTE A WORD. MAYBE THE "GERM" COULD JUST SWITCH CHANNELS. AND Mr. Marlowe, don't think for a minute I've forgotten your little tirade thrown at me a couple of months ago about my totally sacastic rebuttal to some idiot's comments...and I asked the Trooper to take care of the situation, in jest. Yahoo wouldn't print my 15 minute note to you and your BS towards me....Too bad it sure was to the point, and not being a vicious person as you alluded, I didn't feel like continuing the trash talk on the board, I really appreciate the give and take of all the posters, you included M., I'm not a stock-wise person, so for me its all to my benefit to learn, but when my gut says "thats not right or fair", I throw in my 2 cents. But when someone criticizes Mr. Sobi, after all he's done for all of us, its hard to remain on the sidelines. I wonder if the GERM has the B's to slide up a shear cliff 15,000+ feet and then down. Or the brains to design a piece of space hardware. Again thx. to OUR "pioneer" in space, who in maybe in the obscurest of actions, had input into the Mars adventure, surely kept the "ball" rolling into the future,or should I say bouncing. Thx. again Todd for all your work and info,now and "then". Satellites protect our Country,and Thx.even for the temp.of the Rouge,and of your of stove, any cloves in that kettle on top?? Best of health and wealth to all, this New Year,you too Marlowe, just notice when a tongue is in one's cheek, hard to do on the net but....I have never wished ill will on anyone in my life, and I've lost count into the thousands of moths I've saved and set free,a little hobby of mine...brings a warm feeling, try it. NO "germs" in space, Sobi.....I hope. Ron. I Savor our victory with you T., so many, many miles away. Enjoy the moment "as it unfolds"! It always amazes me that a car with all the thousands of components is so dependable, but to imagine what it takes to do what they have done.....awesome!

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      • u presumptous idiot when u were diapers i was doing nonlinear analysis of orbitting objects using "perturbation" a branch of math which i doubt u ever heard off. i was not asking sobi to stop all posts only the posts not related to cmgi.if this is somthing ur brain can't handle then ask anybody if ask anybodyif asking ppl to post cmgi related topics on cmgi board is reasonable.if u want to chat about other things u have many other options to do so

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