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  • bantho20032000 bantho20032000 May 14, 2006 5:52 AM Flag

    Guys, this is horrible

    CI P/E 7.72
    DELL P/E 16.46
    INTC P/E 14.81
    LU P/E 14.38
    YHOO P/E 24.79
    MSFT P/E 18.36
    MO P/E 13.03

    And CMGI???

    P/E 41.88

    Boys, this paper will go under a buck soon.

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    • "Take a look at the institutionals that are getting on board..."

      From MSN data: Vanguard Down 4.6M shares ---
      Vanguard Group 8,586,636 -4,674,333 -35.0 -7,303 1.8 0.0 03-31-06

      Looks like Vanguard followed HP's lead and has adjusted downwards. Better news is that HP position appears to be stable.


    • "Take a look at the institutionals that are getting on board..."

      Do you mean Barclay's and Vanguard? Aren't they the firms that make their money shorting stocks or by "balancing" portfolios to umbrellas of funds? Isn't Barclay's primarily a foreign trading firm that is primarily a short venue?

      What institutional investment did you mean? All I see is what appears to be under the counter sellers.

      CMGI has reached a cash flow state where they could "sop" up the slop in shares outstanding by buy back programming. The bottom line ratios would improve.


    • "... If there was a chance ...."

      DW has a proven track record of having just as poor a sense of timing as the rest of us. Luck is fickle and has no loyalty.

      A thought. There are those (of us) that are consistently beaten by odds and probabilities. Some call this unlucky. Others come to terms with it.

      Example: Play 100 games of Bingo in a day and never complete a board. Scratch the silver off McDonalds bonus game cards and NEVER hit.

      By the way - for those who fit the "unlucky" profile - I try selecting or timing by prefacing choice with "is this NOT the one?". I actually choose correctly (more often than not in matters of chance) after inserting NEGATIVE filters to screen out the wrong choices. Matter of alignment I guess.


    • scrabblelover_forever scrabblelover_forever May 14, 2006 11:02 PM Flag

      Not really, because the longs will just add to their position if it drop to $1.00 We are not short term oriented, but are looking at the big picture.

    • It certainly means he averaged down if he's buying at this level. Further, it certainly means some more of the float has been bought and HELD.

      Reduce supply while demand remains consistent, and what happens to price in a free market?

      For the answer to that question, ask an oil company executive. ;)

    • ++++ Take a look at the institutionals that are getting on board. Take a look at how dramatically the business model has changed.+++

      you take a look at the shareprice.almost 52 week low.explain please.

    • Okay Rip Van Winkle...2001 was five years ago. So I guess when someone goes five years without buying and then starts buying, that tells us something. You might want to listen to the last conference call. It was very valuable. Take a look at the institutionals that are getting on board. Take a look at how dramatically the business model has changed. Listen to the archived conference calls compared to the recent ones. I think that this is the year CMGI is going to get out of this rut. Don't let the Motley Fool brainwash you.

    • I think it was 2001 when David W. bought 200,000 share at 20. So, I do not think it means anything

    • You are right, I'm a nobody.
      But the truth is this stock is a fallin knife.

      There is written:
      "True words do not sound beautiful;
      beautiful sounding words are not true."

      Good luck to you.

    • I just don't think David Wetherell would have invested 271k of his own money if there was going to be a bloodbath at earnings. If there was a chance that this stock was going to go under $1 or do a reverse split, David would not have bought.

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