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  • What to look forward too.

    Earnings 15 to 20 cents.

    Stock price $5 to $10.

    Stock price after 1-10 reverse split $50 to $100 after establishing steady earnings.

    Earnings $1.50 to $2.00 after split.

    Dividend initiated 20 to 40 cents annually.

    Hang in there longs!!!!

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    • I actually agree with everything you said...5 stars.

      But its up to execution. If he says nothing about the ERP migration in the press release or in his management presentation, I will get on and ask him myself. That's the next wave of restructuring and I want to know where my 2.5 cents of earnings per year are going. Seriously. If they hit what they say they are going to do, it will be huge. $8.0MM of S,G&A and cost of goods sold saved each quarter. Thats 2 cents per quarter and 8 cents for the year. Plus, they can scale their business much more easily.

      Problem have to wait for it.


    • 1:10 reverse split? Are you out of your gourd? Buyback possible......1:2 rs Maaaaybe.
      Whadareyatryintado.....create a panic selloff with such a stoooopid statement like that?

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