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  • kensington97 kensington97 Mar 20, 1998 5:32 PM Flag


    I'd like to see CMGI around 50 so I can average down. A few more days like today and that shouldn't be a problem.

    About IBNL, I looked over its web site and some reviews and I figured the upside warranted the gamble, but I couldn't buy it through my Ameritrade account - incorrect symbol. Its irritating as hell and I was wondering if someone could give me the cheapest easiest way to get my hands on some IBNL. Where is everyone getting fundamental info on IBNL? Kensington.

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    • What did you think of IBNL's web site?

      Did you download the software?

      Let me know what you think!

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      • Looks like Connect Inc.(CNKT/CNKTD) could be a great takeover target by companies like Sun Microsystems or Open Market. CNKTD could be acquired at a very cheap price and it has great products. If a better company like SUNW or OMKT with great marketing and worldwide offices buys Connect Inc. then that could boost the sales of Connect's Order Stream & Purchase Stream Internet Commerce Products.
        I think sooner or later Connect Inc. would get bought out by a large company which could get a very great head start in the E-Commerce arena. Connect only lags sales and marketing otherwise their products must be good if companies like Chemdex & Nortel are using their softwares.
        I am considering buying heavily as to me this appears to be the bottom. May be we should all call the company and ask the CFO what's going on, I read all the posts here on the board and seems like Bob must have contacted the company. Anyway I looked at Connect's website and is very informative and impressive. The company's toll free number is 800-262-2638. Also Lehman Brothers have a Speculative Buy Rating on the stock, Check out posting No. 208 & 249 on Connect Message Board for more info.
        I am extrememly Bullish on Internet & Electronic Commerce and think that at $1 this stock is a good investment opportunity for both short and long term investors. I also read the management profile and looks like they have very dynamic people on board.
        Well, someday if a big company buys this one, they would pay hefty premium and this stock could skyrocket. I am considering buying based on all the in detail research I have done in last few days and after seeing recent press release from Connect.
        I will very much appreciate any positive or negative comments.
        Thanks guys in advance:)

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