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  • RETAILexecutive RETAILexecutive Feb 19, 1999 7:57 AM Flag

    Howard thaks for the info we will see yo

    today. You were smart enough to set a stop right
    ? If not you better be quick. I have made over
    600,000 long and short here And I will tell you it is
    easier to sleep at night long. I know internet is over ?
    Right ? Everyone is going to quit using the internet
    now because broadband is going to improve it so much,
    right ? E- Commerce is overated right ? Probably will
    grow at 5000 % this year . Clearly no future there.
    Wetherell has continued to make bad investments ? Earnings
    will be awful again this quarter ( just like the last
    two right ? I can see you have really figured this
    one out. You better go to Scores and ask the cocktail
    waitress if this is a good idea or not . You rip off

    I do respect the fact that you did post your
    intention here so all could see it.

    Do not be
    surprised to see 110 today.

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    • Haven't heard from you ina while. My buddy and I still laugh and talk about your "table pounding buy" recommendation on this stock and agree!

      CMGI is ready to rack and roll

      • 1 Reply to wheatstick101
      • 140 in March. It is a table pounding buy. Idiots
        like Howard have
        been self desroying themselves
        for over a year on this thread.
        You know Laertes
        and other fools that can not afford to pay their ISP
        monthly fees anymore. I have made mistakes on this stock.
        Most of them selling to early and then having to wait
        too long to get back in. Having said that I have made
        a lot of money here still making mistakes. Today I
        will have put to me some Feb 115 puts. So what I got
        $10 for writing them and I just bought back some
        covered calls for a good profit. I also sold some more
        puts Marh 11o puts for 16 1/2. What is wrong with
        that? A great way to layer on some more profit.Stay
        strong . Stay long.

        I am a greedy sob so I sell
        partials once in a while to feed the shorts a snack to
        fatten them up for the banquet. I do not want out of a
        core holding here again though as I could have made
        twice as much. Howard pobably is stopped out on hoi 10
        share short already.Scmuck.

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