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  • chkpfbeliever chkpfbeliever Mar 19, 1999 3:18 PM Flag

    Tired? I don't understand this board!

    too long !!! How can people expect this stock to
    go up with no major news and an option expiration
    date ? People saw a few stocks like RNWK, AOL, DCLK
    and ATHM move drastically and whined about weak
    performance of CMGI. Did they forget that we had a $47 move a
    couple of weeks ago ? This stock needs a little pause
    and we'll start another week on Monday. It'll be
    interesting next week as people get ready for the MSFT split.
    I expect NASDAQ to retest its high as it's lagging
    the DOW. Gonna throw the stone at it again and we
    should see CMGI move along. DELL is also kept down by
    options today so it's not a good day to make judgement on
    stocks. Good luck in CMGI.

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    • About my name being too long - Don't I know it!
      When I lossged in, I couldn't get a unique ID, so this
      is all I could find. DUKE would be just fine for

      As I look at today's action, CMGI is still trading
      around 185, and should close around that point. Look at
      the sell-off in the braoder marke indexes -
      devastating! YHOO for 170 bucks? NVLS for 57.5? Are you
      kidding!!!!! This market is an absolute steal!!!!! The trouble
      is that there is just no buying interest in the
      market this afternoon.

      We have had nothing but
      good news from CMGI. I don;t expect anything different
      next week. I have a feeling a lot of people will read
      the stock pages tomorrow morning and go bargain
      hunting. Keep in mind, we seem to have the interest rate
      thing behind us, and we are getting oversold again!

      We are dying to break out of this cycle, and the
      overnight quotes prove it. All day, my quote system has
      shown shallow bands on the ask side for CMGI, but
      people like us seem to be selling! If we can stop this,
      we will all bein the 200's on MOnday morning!

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