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  • billsucks69 billsucks69 Jun 22, 1999 10:30 PM Flag




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    • term on cmgi too. with 1000 shrs. at 31 I can afford to sit back and let this baby grow....There will be a lot of good news coming up in the next two weeks....cuervoman....

    • <EOM>

    • just pulling your chain. I also know that you
      have a great core position including CMGI.

      not a cheerleader, don't have to be. But the facts of
      Alta Vista do look good and no, the afterhours was not
      110 or 113 as some have said, but I see 4 trades at
      100 which is 6 more than the close and the ask is
      even higher. Acurate? Maybe, maybe not...but bullish,
      for in the morning anyway. I'll go with my
      instinct...CMGI will go higher tomorrow. Will dip...still some
      weak hands that did not get margin called in the past
      3-4 weeks. But again...I am focusing on the very very
      long term with CMGI. Money rolls in and out of these
      stocks on just as you said...the public sentiment..right
      or wrong. But in the end, the fundamentals,
      strategy, positive growth and dominance will set the record
      straight on CMGI.It will creep higher over the long haul.
      I am a firm believer in that.

    • YOU got bigger balls than I do I would not of
      shorted GNET with any ones money. Yes I love the
      volatility but it is tyring me by the minute. I am a long
      term holder of GNET which is my second largest
      position. Be careful!

      On Friday I cover short
      postions and load up and let it ride again for good or for
      My favorite short has always been AOL because of the
      large float and the ease I have of seeing a wave of
      buying coming in. I must say I added to AOL in my core
      holdings at 92!

    • i shorted gnet today @150. with the split coming
      up the 24th, what's your prediction the price for
      short term. don't u love this volatile market. i love
      this market. riding up 20 dollars and riding down 13
      dollars. i agree with your short term outlook too, i see
      the market go down or stay parallel at best until the
      fomc meeting.

    • Have you seen Hotdogie boy ?

    • Than me and few on this board have more shares
      than me.. so if you want me to say yip yip hurray then
      GO CMGI.

      I can be a cheerleader as good as
      any. By the way CMGI after hours quote is innacurate.
      But if you want me to say CMGI is trading at 110
      after hours then so be it. You will have plenty of
      opprotunities to buy CMGI on the dips. BET ON IT!

      think I'll do like Bullish America and stay of this
      board until I have somehting positve to say.

    • cause I'm comming to town to close that big
      contract in Carmarillo. No problem on the dinner! And,
      your probably right on the timing of buying more CMGI,
      but what I have seen on the after hours prices of
      CMGI, I don't think any of my buy orders are going to
      get filled tomorrow anyway. I'll take them off the
      table if I don't feel good about it and relook at the
      strategy at end of week for adding more shares to the core

      But you have to admit...for long
      term...for strategy....forget short term trading... the Alta
      Vista news has some serious strategic long term
      possibilities for CMGI. Go on now, admit it.

    • Market anymore. I stand strong by my short term
      sentiments in the internets sector. A TECHNICAL REVERSAL IS
      Any strength in the morning will result in selling
      and shorting by many.

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