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  • currandog currandog Jan 24, 2001 12:50 PM Flag

    i am long but one thing that concerns

    pottrpbob.....big deal if you bought at 3.5 and sold at 6.50 then you are a hero..a lot more people bought this thing when it was near 160....fortunately i didnt....i bought this last week at 7. where it goes fom 7 is my concern. i can careless what it has done from 3.50. i do not own any at that price. cmgi participated much more in the downfall of the nasdaq than it is now....this thing needs to break out.....what happens if the nas retraces 300-400 points. where will cmgi be. back at 4-5 dollars

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    • currandon, your posting is a mixture of points, not all of which are weaved into a coherent whole. If you bought at 7 and don't care about the move from 3.5 to 6.5, then why even mention people who bought at 160?

      Yes, if Nas retraces, so will CMGI. CMGI is a noisy amplifier of the NAS. Nas goes up, CMGI goes up faster; Nas goes down, CMGI goes down faster. It isn't always true, that's where the noise comes in.

      INVEST in the stock because you believe there is upside from where it is today.

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      • at this from all angles. too many people here are excited that this stock has gone from 3.5 to 7... its really no big deal considering the value that this stock has lost. i may not sound like i am long but i am. 3.5 to 7 is a huge jump for anyone who bought in at those prices. but lets be realistic, a stock does not fall from 163 to 3.50 because it is a goos stock. There are many reasons why this occurred. I am not going to go into those because I am sure you already know. I am a true gambler and that is why i bought this stock. i bought this stock in taking a chance that the ceo of this company could turn this once high flyer around. Some of the resons I bought was because the market sentiment is turning to a more favorable one. Interest rates will keep coming which should bold well for CMGI in the advertising sector. CMGI has announced restructuring plans to become profitable quicker. What makes me a little nervouse was that conference call last week. The uncertainty that was left behind. they contradicted themselves by saying they could not predict the cash burn rate but yet said they had enough to last them until profitability. If you cant predict the cash burn rate then how are you going to know that you will have enough money before becoming profitable. I bought this stock more so on a hunch that they will be able to turn things around. The time to buy is when things cant be any worse. And I think that is where CMGI is right now. If they can come out with anything positive this stock should get good boost. I believe if that March 13th is that deadline for this company. They couldnt have picked a worse date "13th is all this company needs". Maybe it will be a lucky 13 and we will move from there. Seriously, they better have a better outlook then because if they still say that they dont have a clear outlook as to where they are going, count on it going to 1-2 bucks. I personally believe they will be able to get things done effectively. But what do I know. They could all be laughing at their desks right now trying to figure out what they are going to tell investors next.........

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