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  • crazy1090631 crazy1090631 May 13, 2001 1:18 PM Flag

    Mr. G will cut rates by 50 basis points

    I know the knuckledeads on CBC etal don't want you to bail on the market, but yu are being led to the slaughter. The interst rate cuts are not helping anymore. The debtberg is now flying upside dow. The fed is balancing between depression and the Weimer-Republic hyper-inflation. It looks as though they have chosen inflation. What will happen? Noone really knows, but inflationary depression is wrost case and just huge inflation is best case. No matter what they tell you, buy a few gold coins and a few gold stocks to hedge.I speak the truth, so just take it for what it is worth. Maybe nothing to you, but Iwill tell you this is a bear market not a bull, you need to research history. Good Luck

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    • I agree this is a bear market. However Mr. G is trying to manage the economy 6-12 months out. I have been through this several bears before and let me tell you this...during bear markets you can make a tremendous amount of money long term. But it takes patience and time. Good luck.

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