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  • fenix1357 fenix1357 Jan 31, 2013 3:38 PM Flag

    Next Steps?

    Thanks but I thought the just complete reinjection trail accomplished what you were saying? I have been in this stock for twelve monyths and I know some of you have been in a lot longer but the fricking thing does not move and has no volume! I am marginally below where I invested and i dont mind holding longer but it seems nothing moves this stock. At this point I am not even sure the phase three trial results will do anything.

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    • Got a bunch of shares and been here when stock in 2s and 3s.(YEARS) Many disappointed investors in the wake of this stock and frankly a few winners if your timijng was right.If you are not patient and this is not pure speculative money I would run away. Company is flaky. Could go to 30 or to zero ( and I mean .0000)Really should have partnered by now. Should be enthusiasm with reported results. Truly under the markets radar and why shouldnt it be There is no news. since truly no competitor exist and all these urologist are investigating the drug we shold be generating a buzz by now but there is nothing. So angry naysayers admixed with overenthusiastic blowhards dominate while the company fails to even give clear indication of ther mechanism of action. Wild
      Good luck

    • Sorry for some reason I can not reply to why not nymox's post.
      I agree with most of waht you are saying butthe fact the drug was succesful in the reinjection study does meaan there are better odds of success than failure. If its a success $30 is too low a price; the company conservatively will have a market cap of $ 2 billion ( in my IMO). What I worry about is why they dont have #$%$ partner by now.

    • Any tips for a replacement investment that can telescope pre-trial to FDA approval in less than 12 months?

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