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  • wrb630 wrb630 Feb 13, 2013 1:43 PM Flag

    To Whynot,Felix,Oct1929,pharmaininvestor

    Someone please explain why a Google search of Lorryse Greyse finds nothing......How does anyone know if the $15M financing that Paul announces every 18 months is not the company just selling shares into the market everytime they release news to get the biggest return....Everyone says how great Paul is because of little dilution, however, the name of the 3rd party that finances is material information, and if it is no longer Lorryse Greyse, then whom?

    Does that not concern anyone????

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    • The main issue with Nymex is whether it is a legit or not company. (I don't have an answer yet)

      The only reasons why NYMX's market cap (MC) is ~$220M are
      - There is an European partner (even a 2nd-rated)
      - FDA allows them run clinical trials
      - NYMX is about to make a presentation at a respectable EU urology medical forum

      If they are legit and get a somewhat respectable partner in N. America with a possibility for FDA marketing, NYMX's MC will go to at least $1.5B+ or ~$40+ pps.

      If their Ph2 prostate cancer (PC) trial a success, we are talking about a PC vaccine with humongous multi-billions sales (my guess over $5B+ annual sale). It will be a first preventive major cancer vaccine on a market with a Nobel Prize in medicine guaranteed.

      There are too many ifs...

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      • Why are you calling it a vaccine? Its not a vaccine! Its a drug that causes local cell death and if injected early in prostatic cancers which are slow growing; the hope is to eliminate the cancer or get a few more years (decades) before the cancer become symptomatic. Right now there is no approved protocol for these cancers except benign neglect which means we are waiting for a low risk treatment for this problem.
        In Europe RF is being used and increasingly so in the US but Nymxo's drug if it works will be a more simple, inexpensive and elegant treatment.

      • Presented yesterday.

        Slide # 12 R&D (page 13)
        "Includes the full development of NX‐1207 (a specialty product under license from

        It take close to 12 months to start a clinical trial (to enroll a 1st patient) in the USA or EU. For all practical purposes, Recordaty will know whether nx-1207 works or not in about 10-12 months.

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