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  • whynotnymox whynotnymox Apr 3, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    Welcome back wrb

    I knew you could not stay away. It is the itch that you just gotta scratch. The review of the year end report show dr a with 11+ million share owned and 4.5 options some of which are out of money and some of which are vested in 2021. He cashed out a small percent of shares likely to get by as salary not very large by CEO standards. Who knows what travel personal cost covered but not a huge sum. He hurt shareholders by executing the sale in a clumsy manner and probably cost himself a few bucks . Sounds like he flipped shares through 3rd party then shares got dumped into illiquid market. This hurt his existing holdings and of course mine also. None of this will matter if he can get agreements for north american partner and get out the data. Your skepticism was rewarded in this instances and as a shareholder I am very unhappy as this sell, even if motivated by the best and most noble intentions suggest a long timeline for cashing in on this investment.

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    • 20 million is not a doctors salary its a lifetime of earnings for most physicians.
      1.4% of ownership in company is not insignificant. Denying any knowledge of reason for stock price fall is morally fraud; although I am sure the doctor covered his #$%$ in the legal phraseology he used.
      The fact that we shareholders can not do anything about is sad but this is no occasion for cheerleading. After this now all we need is pisserpumper and his alias animal #$%$ to come out with a love letter to the doctor.

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      • Where are you getting 20 million dollars On paper he is worth 60-70 million.If the stock goes below 3 he is worth far less. Also he must remained listed for Lorros Greyse to continue their financing so no listing equals absolute bankruptcy and then his stock would be worth nothing with a ton of liability going forward. He sold 2 million in stock and will pay Canadien rates 29% so takes home a fat paycheck this year. I do not see how you can consider my post as cheerleading when I totally agree he just murdered his shareholders. Be clear, there are only 175 people who even own or care about this little company so no great disaster for the world of finance. I am still long, am down on my investment, a little #$%$ off, and have no love for the management of the company. I still would point out that he has neither technically lied and he has the right to sell stock. I think he hurt himself significantly with this sell. Cost him on paper far more than he made and created new source of suspicion. Not a smart move unless you know that things are really good or really bad. Very scary investment which is why for about 7 years I have not screamed and yelled about the big bad management or how I got screwed or blah blah blah, just informed people that this is not anything more than speculation in a field biotech that is littered with failures. I spoke to individuals involved in early studies that said the drug was very effective and so Here I am. I am enthusiatic about this approach to BPH, strongly doubt the prostate ca approach and think they are running their studies in a very poorly coordinated manner. If this dog goes to zero I will really feel stupid but I will not be broke. If you are basing your retirement on this then you are just foolish. If this is too much risk and you are gonna work yourself into a coronary just sell and leave. The study is completed, We are just sitting here watchin the world go round a round waiting for the verdict

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