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  • b_zerkley b_zerkley Jun 4, 2001 1:23 PM Flag


    Manipulation or not, they push this above $3.25 and I'm joining in....of course, with my finger on the trigger all the way.

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    • You gonna buy or sell?

    • O.K--good.
      I think any buy high sell low types are welcomed.
      They don't call them victims here. They're customers.

      Dollars to dimes this is during a Jaspas draw down.
      Let's make it a gentlemans bet---don't want to get Yahoo mad.
      Mox sets up a 22 day sell period and announces it in arrears.

      Volume is easy but the price action is notable.
      I'm sure our "lil' sec" gang of three will explain it to us all later.
      Lol, lol.

    • Either you are a shill, or you haven't been paying attention.

      Let me re-cap:

      Popular Opinion has it that this is a garden variety microcap, pump and dump scheme carried out through a series of transactions with off-shore "investment bankers" who, far from acting as market makers actually purchase mox stock (after an arbitrary pricing floor has been set) at a six percent discount, for the SOLE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF RESALE. A new york investment banking firm (with some interesting connections to certain litigation involving M&A activity of gambling casinos), who claims to have no relationship at all to the off-shore corps.(and from what I've heard there is a guy in canada who claims he controls them), gets a commission as a placement agent, each time these purchases of mox stock are made. Now, it would seem to make sense that prior to the purchase that the stock go on a modest upswing to support the floor and to absorb the dump. At least that is roughly what some people think. I really wouldn't pretend to know this stuff. All much too heady for me. But Boink gets it.

      So, if you want in at $3.25, and like those amusement park rides where they just drop you from very high places. This Bud's for you; zerk.

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