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  • departasap departasap Jan 3, 2013 7:01 AM Flag

    Face of ZEP; GONE

    Jeff Hines; the FACE of zep has resigned; Sure hope Zep has to pay him to use his face on all there product brochures; also, when are they going to change the name of the Glen Reed Center????

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    • I'm a shareholder of Zep. What I don't understand is if you're so dissatisfied why do you continue working for this company? There must be other companies more suitable to your style that would welcome you with open arms.

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      • I think with a lot of the reps, it is a couple of factors, including age and the uncertainty of starting over. Most of the force is older and well established with their client base, which provides them with a good living. Having a non compete clause in their contracts would make it hard to build up a new client base in given territory, which would reduce their income. It is also loyalty to to their customers that keep them in place as well. The first 10 years that I worked there, it was the best company that I ever worked for, great support, direction and products and programs that made selling easy. The last five, mass confusion, letting go of people that built the company and cared about the people that worked with them, no direction and low morale. I left, found a company that I can make a difference for and have everything that Zep was 10 years ago. There is no heart at Zep anymore and it's pretty damn sad.

    • These dips don't even know who Glen Reed is or was and what he meant to the company. Loyalty means nothing to them.

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      • Glen Reed is only one of many. Dan Padgett, Lorin Greenstein, and Sam Daniels the list goes on. Everyone who cared about the people of Zep are gone. The reps have no one to watch out for them. The few that are still there who used to care have drank the cool aid and are walking in lock step to the fools that have run Zep into the ground. Take a look at where all the good people have gone, to companies that they say are "like Zep used to be". We all want to succeed, we just need a place that will allow us to do what we do best, sell and service our accounts.

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