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  • simplyfail simplyfail Feb 14, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    Attention: Zep sales reps!

    Attention: All Zep Sales Reps. As everyone knows it has now been over two months since we started our new software program. It seems as though we are still in the middle of a cluster %$#^. A couple of years ago, all sales management people were either fired or re-assigned (ZEP CANCELED ALL SALES MEETINGS) with few exceptions and now we basically do not have anyone to answer questions.

    In addition to that action, the people we do have left usually have a delayed and or hard time coming up with answers, including Rep Care Center staff that tries hard but seems to have been under trained. So, every night we still get reports for Open orders, Paid listings and Invoices and these reports are more often than not, incorrect and misleading. When you get your commission statement, you must go over each item with a fine tooth comb or suffer the consequences of lost income.

    This is a horrible thing to say, but, if I didn't know better, I would think that management is purposely using this screwed up software opportunity to manipulate the figures. All they would have to do is cheat us 1% here and 1% there and then say I don't know and it will be fixed in the future. This could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpaid commissions. Since none of us get together or have our own sales meetings or talk about this in large groups, this action would be easy to do. So,

    WATCH OUT, you and your families lives depend upon your hard word and diligence.

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    • i was on one of the first life boats to leave mother ship zep. hooked up with a small jan-san house and am now selling zep pro. not trying to compete with the rep i used to work with. selling to those customers who are on the call center list and don,t see a rep
      it was hard to leave but life is good out there without all the BS

    • From all I hear and see, the Zep Rep will one day go the way of the DoDoSaur----Extinct!!!. There are 50-100 people who have the talent, dedication, motivation, customer loyalty, and mind-set to make it take a little longer for the company to move them out of the way. As far as the other 500-600 people, they are holding a bomb with a fuse and the fuse is rapidly burning to its core. This management is hell bent on eliminating street reps in favor of Inside sales, retail sales, and distributers. If the sales reps are smart, they would be sneaking out the exits before the fuse burns all the way down. Also keep in mind they don't have to utilize a skrewed up software program to cheat the reps out of commissions. They have been doing it for years with price increases. Do yourself a favor and start looking elsewhere. Good Luck.

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