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  • n520944 n520944 Apr 5, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    Syncora 12 months from now, opinions please?

    I'm holding way to many shares for such a thinly traded stock. My avg share price is about .25 cent, but its to difficult to sell shares.
    What is the current take on some other longtime holders... IrishI., Alzhus, Hose, Rock?

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    • I'm holding a large number of shares (some since 2009) at an average of about 0.25 as well, although I'm in no hurry and don't see myself selling for at least another 3-5 years.

      Syncora is thinly traded for a number of reasons. Its on the pink sheets (way under the radar), the company has been very silent, and the Syncora story is very long and complicated. The bottom line is that very few people have any understanding of the situation and it's certainly an intimidating investment for most people. Ultimately getting relisted and beginning to write new business are the real cures for the thin trading. As I see it, wrapping up the JPM/EMC and JPM/Jeffco situations are the keys to making the former a reality. I also think the ongoing lawsuits are the reason behind Syncora's silence and lack of effort to bolster it's share price--it's simply not in their best interest right now. I seriously doubt that we're going to see Syncora get fully back on their feet within the next 12 months (although barring unforeseen disaster, I personally think it's inevitable that they will given that it's almost a sure thing that the lawsuits will ultimately end in significant recoveries). I think 2-5 years is more realistic. Just my feelings an opinions. It's not inconceivable that in another 5-10 years we could be looking at double digit share prices and even quarterly dividend checks.

    • My long term take??? I am holding until the complete story comes out......I don't know if that makes sense to you or helps you, but I believe this stock will be a $2-5 stock when all of this #$%$ gets sorted out.....It would be foolish to sell at this point when you have so little invested. This is not a stock you buy and sell.......This is a LONG TERM hold.....something you are invested in until this mess gets sorted out..........SYCRF will not go down a lot I don't think.........but it will go up when news comes out.........I believe.........either sell your investment at a little profit now..........or put it a way on a shelf and wait...........GLTA..........Hose

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      • I had 150,000 shares at 30 cents. When it hit over $1 for a day and then crashed the next.....I watched as it slowly bled down to the 50's and 60's. I was #$%$ I didnt put any profits on the table. With $45k wrapped up in the cost of this stock....I was then #$%$ about the Moody's upgrade falling through. I needed the money for other stocks that I saw as having great potential. I sold it all in small amounts and doubled my money. Since then I have taken those profits and have done really well in a few other plays.

        I will be back in SYCRF before she goes up. I agree with JWC31271 that it probably wont be going up until after the JPM and JEFFCO litigation resolves. I may have to pay a higher price, but I will definitely be back in. I believe that SYNCORA will win many of the litigations and be back in business 1 day with a stock price in the high single digits!

        Rock once posted that he had made profits by selling when the PPS went up 4 times. I'm sure many that have been in this stock sold on the run to $1.11. I certainly wish that I I would have over tripled my investment. It taught me to not be married to a stock. Good Luck to All! I believe if you decide to will make lots of money within 2-5 years. JPM news could come out any day which would increase value.....but, Jeffco is still a big mess and it doesnt look like a light is at the end of the tunnel. IMO

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