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  • amfads amfads Nov 22, 2010 10:59 AM Flag

    Whew, another weekend passed!

    Dont know if I can take any more, waiting for the FDIC to clobber one of CBC's banks in GA or AR or MI.

    Or is the comeback of retail gonna make those local commercial loans more viable? Who knows?

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    • Does the FDIC typically close down banks on Friday after Thanksgiving ? If not we have an extra week to find a capital donor with deep pockets.

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      • As I recall, the FDIC didn't close any banks last weekend but I dont believe their thinking is influenced by the holidays. Think this Friday is gonna be like most with some bank closures, hopefully not CBC's.

      • Call me crazy but I do believe that CBC continues to raise capital by selling off its subs and I see no reason other than baseless rumors to think that CBC is on the FDIC's radar. The short interest in this stock is astronomical so there could be a sudden exit if the company starts getting its footing (which from my perspective appears to be the case). Although "technical" trading patterns are difficult to use as a model with penny stocks, the massive sell-off last week (capitulation), followed by stabilization, may signal good times ahead.

        It is irresponsible to suggest a specific price point (because it is a complete guessing game) but I do think that, as a matter of fact, the large short interst gives this stock the real potential to run, and, run pretty far from these levels.

    • The retail bubble was blown up by home equity. Not likely to re-inflate anytime soon.

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      • I agree that we're unlikely to see anything like the kind of bubble we had in 2001-06 but there are signs of leveling off and even up somewhat this Xmas. Retailers have pared their costs, restricting new hires to low wages, etc so their profits and sales figures could look pretty good by year end. If so, then the loans to malls, at least might not have to downgraded as much as thot.

        Pretty optimistic, i admit but there's some chance CBC might sneak thru all this a year from today.