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  • naum_98 naum_98 Mar 14, 2007 11:10 AM Flag

    Debate with grumrman05?

    He is trying to prove( to himself, really, because who else cares ?) that he can dupe just about anyone,so he changes the style,tune,color,whatewer of his posts(which says NOTHING about what his views are)
    If you have little time,read just this:
    Curious? Read a few more by the same author.
    If you do not get the same picture I have gotten over years,so be it.
    P.S.Another item of interest for those who want to continue with him : the recent sudden burst in his posting activity.

    P.P.S.Try to ignore WITHOUT pushing "IGNORE", you might like it quite a bit (for that kind of advice many charge hundreds of dollars and get the money!).

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    • corvholio, you continue to avoid the 2 relevant questions....

      1) exactly what do you miss about the original grumman05's daily moaning and groaning during the decline a few years ago?

      2) how would any buy and hold long benefit from his presence and that negative emotional chinese water torture?

      you avoid those 2 questions because they prove you don't know what you are talking about, and that you have a personal agenda on this board that doesn't help anyone but you and your boss.

      lol@u moron

    • corvholio/etc,

      you still avoid the 2 relevant questions.

      honest readers can see you are hiding.

      you have much to hide. keep avoiding.

      lol@u alias boy

    • lil greek boy,

      if anything really good or new was presented, it would reflect in the stock price already imho.

      maybe that is why the stock is trending down.... nothing new, so it is trading with the overall market for now.

      did you try searching hard through the conference website?

    • corvholio, thanks for pointing out why everyone should ignore each and every one of your aliases.

      you have just stated that you are not here for serious investment idea sharing, but for childish reasons.

      thanks for letting everyone know to ignore you. lol@u

    • excellent point lil greek boy. we are here to make money and share info about lnop/ezchip with other honest longs and traders of this stock.

      notice that the aliases never discuss the stock, but initiate personal attacks to disrupt the board and make it hard to get useful information out of it.

      aliases only goal is to aggravate all honest longs and get them to trade emotionally so their bosses can do the exact opposite and make more money.

      doing the opposite of what they all post, has been a very profitable trading strategy over the many years they've been here (using about 45 different aliases).

    • I visit here hoping someone who attended the NYC presentation would provide some reaction + or -!.

      Either no one attended, or if one did does not want to share the knowledge.

      We will all find out on the 13th.

    • (the post i am replying to)

    • What is going on here, who shives a git what others have or make per hour? That is not why we are here IMHO.
      What do we have to contribute to the present or the future of Lanoptics/EZChip??

    • Sorry, I missed the headline. "longdope"

      I used dope in the 60's. I'll bet you weren't even born then.

      Since I assume that you ment I am stupid, (because you don't know what dope is to we 60's people) assume what you wish. It seems the saying goes the word "assume" makes an ass out of you and me.

    • This is a waste of my time. But then, I do not get paid to post here. So I, and I only, chose to waste my time. And I will. I am here on Saturday to work. My job requires that I do so. Not investing in stocks--my real job. Investing is what I someday hope will bring an end to my JOB.

      So, now corvholio let us debate what you said today.

      You stated " You (meaning me) have no proof the REAL grummy is a paid poster anymore than I have proof that the FAKE grummy is a paid basher. FAKE grummy's track record of endless bashing is all the evidence I need."

      I think your last sentence says it all. "It is all the evidence that I need."

      The simple truth is that the REAL grummy never denied that he/she was paid to post here. The FAKE grummy has repeatedly said he/she is not.

      I have been in this stock since August, 2000. I have been on the board for much longer than you. But we do agree on one thing, I want the REAL grummy back. TO BUY,BUY,BUY.

      What we don't agree on is the FAKE grummy "of endless bashing" serves no purpose. It is not endless bashing--it is reality. Honest investors in this stock realize that he/she is just trying to bring an honest interpretation to both positive and negative issues surrounding LNOP.

      Now I will get back to my real job. It pays about $250 per hour. And yours?

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