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  • grumrnan05 grumrnan05 May 1, 2007 8:11 PM Flag

    intraday, minute-by-minute chart shows distribution

    intraday, minute-by-minute chart shows distribution of shares from large holders to small investors:

    today's news should have been good for the stock, but i think it is now obvious what is really occuring and has been for the past 6 months. smart money out. hope money in.

    paid pumpers agenda: tell a story. be optimistic. every average joe is optimistic and won't want to believe in the manipulation that happens on stocks like lnop. market makers control this stock, not "the market".

    while i am optimistic for the long term, i am becoming more and more pessimistic with all these manipulation signs. especially after what should be a positive news release today.

    be careful everyone. the optimistic posters on the "list of 40" will only tell you what you want to here to remain comfortable. i just want you to see the truth and decide for yourself what you do.

    this is why i maintain a dual strategy with this stock. i own the appropriate amount of shares for my long term core holding position, and i buy more shares for trading after i see the dips bottoming technically.

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    • 50 minutes in...volume 65,895, price up .97 at 14.94...looking good from here, other opinions

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      • yes, the mm's (you, alias boy?) have to run the shares up to attract momentum investors after they got shares dumped on them yesterday afternoon. easy to see on this 2day intraday money flow chart:

        all this talk about me being short is making question why i'm not trading the swings short now too. maybe i will. thanks for the idea alias boy. keep that price up so i can dump enough shares alongside your bosses!

        lmao@u alias boy (the mm?). boy that will make me happy if the sec investigation takes down a wall street mm. i will be certain to post that embarassment all over cyberspace. lmao

    • lil greek boy, good to know you are a daytrader. you are even more to the extreme than most of us here that swing trade every few weeks or months as the opportunities arise.

      better watch out. alias boy doesn't like anyone that doesn't buy at his pumping highs and hold during his disappearance declines. lol

      gl2u lil greek. let us know when you get in and out in real time (if you don't mind sharing that with us). not trade confirms and timestamps, just post right when you do it so we can see your post time against the intraday charts. you won't get them all right, but i just want to see your thoughts as a daytrader in this mm highly manipulated stock. be careful!

    • I also saw the after hours 1500 share trade at $13.37. What does that mean?? My question to you is how can any active trader make money trading in 100 share lots. At 1000 share trades I can break even at a $.02 delta. At 2000 Shares, I only need a fluctuation of only $.01. At 100 shares, I need a dime to break even.
      In a choppy market such as this is behaving, a dime is too big a move for comfortable trading.
      My goal is +$500 each day. Do I always achieve that goal? I wish. But I have a lot of enjoyment & profit chasing the rabbit goal.

    • captain_america_rides,
      (aka: paid poster "alias boy", with 40 aliases on this board)

      quit talking to yourself already. you are the only one working so hard to make my posts disappear on this board, but with all your efforts you are simply proving my claims true. lol@u

      proof #1:
      proof #2:

      lmao@u alias boy!

      keep trying to bury the blatant manipulation negative money flow as your boss dumps more and more shares on the market. you won't fool me or any smart reader on this board at least. (current day intraday)


    • yes, for every seller there is a buyer (technically). but where the manipulation comes in, is where the intermediaries (market makers) absorb inventory or go short. they are not true buyers or sellers, but merely middlemen traders making needless (imho) profits while increasing volatility.

      knowing they do this and create volatility for profit, is why i trade the swings and see their true actions via minute-by-minute trade data (money flow analysis).

      hopefully you can be objective and see that difference. it has far more impact on smaller more thinly traded companies like lnop that don't have any official following on wall street.

      the average investor has never heard of ezchip (yet). this short term game (in one of the mostly unknown stocks on wall street) is what i am exposing for the average investors to learn about small companies. i learned it here and have made a lot of money applying it, thanks to mbm and a select few others.

      take your last posts comment and let's assume i use this knowledge to go short lnop at the close. we'll see if that would be profitable or not, very soon.

      btw, thanks for the suggestion to go short but i would never short a long term potential popper like lnop. real news can come any day and blow all shorts out of the water. the biggest risk is being short against that long term story potential imho. all my concerns about price and manipulation are for short term trading capital concerns.

    • is this another distribution day?

    • Why not show us the minute by minute chart for today's activities. Over 200K shares with an after houre trade at $13.62. You may very well be correct since I am in aggreement with your strategy. Core long position with day trades or swings as opportunities present themselves.
      I am liqidating nothing prior to $15.15.
      That will be the next stop for this train which has left the station. After that the charts will tell all. IMHO.

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      • lil greek: you mention the volume today of 200,000 shares+ and then speak of an after-hours trade at $13.62 to seemingly imply demand at higher prices.

        the after-hours trade at $13.62 was just 100 shares.

        but.... you neglected to mention the other after-hours trades before it:
        500 shares at $13.03
        400 shares at $13.2237

        don't you think this shows your bias and inability to be fair and objective when faced with all facts?

        i don't know what to make of your intentions yet, but i thought i'd point out all the facts for all readers.......

      • lil greek: i posted the 1-day, 2-day, 5-day and 10-day intraday chart links over the past few weeks. since the 293,000 share block sell was dumped on the mm's unexpectedly at once.

        anyone can bookmark and use these links to monitor minute-by-minute money flow if they want. i don't want to post it each and every day.

        i posted it yesterday in particular, because of all the aliases postings and the news release. i wanted to show on a relevant day, how the money is flowing the opposite of what one would expect and what the aliases are posting. hope that makes sense to you.

    • say what?

    • grummy, what a civilized conversation. I say it before and I will say it again...Grummy "it's up to you"...keep it up! PS Please try to stay away from the paranoid gummy that lashes out at people.

    • I'm so convinced you are correct that I went a little further this time. I have liquidated a few K (about 10%) of my core holdings. I'm convinced that I will be able to buy that back, and more for the core holding account in the relatively near term. But then, most of my core shares were purchased in the 5's. The most I have paid for core shares is 9.

      Good job, "grummy," that is the new "grummy."

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      • Are you sad you sold your shares?
        We look very strong. Well you made good
        money (excellent).
        Very good to longs keep holding $30 before years end
        is my prediction.

      • longlnop; while nobody ever became poor taking profits, just be careful to keep your discipline and own the shares you really want to own for the long term. based on all that we know right now, the long term upside (2-5yrs) still far outweighs the short term downside (3-9mos). and any one news event (deal or buyout) *could* gap the stock huge on any given day.

        imho the overweight swing trading strategy, is mostly about capturing the opportunities when the stock is "on sale" and looking to rebound with its somewhat normal quarterly volatility cycle. all while holding the core position, waiting for the big pop we are all hoping for. gl2u

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