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    • That's the whole point do you see the explosion in the # of his posts? since his fallout. (sure he's the only poster of junk in between useful information about the company and markets)He has one post only; sec filing new shares for the past 8 years but hey every man? needs a vice.

      I bet there isn't one person on this entire board that likes, or appreciates his presence (nothing substantiating ever to contribute)

      Thanks for another validation of his futility (sp)

      If you couldn't talk about the share registration what would be left MBM>

    • MBM - your rants really get on one's last nerve.

      Please stop the FUD ... and check the time stamp on Surf's pip-squeak comment .... which was NOT after the second pip-squeak comment.

      Why not just start with a new alias and kill MBM. You could start the fun you are having all over again.

    • Oooooops!

      surfrider, you just replied to yourself (using your captain alias) within the wrong thread, about your own unique term "pip squeek"....

      ... but you posted your "captain" reply to the "surfrider" pip-squeek post BEFORE the initial post where you used the term. OOPS!

      What are the ODDS that ANYONE would know the unique childish name calling you would use (pip-squeek) BEFORE it acutally hit the message board?

      Ummmm.... NONE!

      You just exposed yourself again, you ignorant hypocritical alias using pumper!


      Pathetic manipulative hypocrite.

    • why should I or anyone else for that matter answer your endless questions so you can manipulate the answers in your tedious and verbose way?

      So, you are the self proclaimed message board monitor for EZCH? You should change your name to message board loser, that would be more accurate.

      YOU answered your own question. "Good point mbm" from mbm. YOU exposed yourself for what you really are.
      Is that the reason you are so defensive?

      Do yourself a favor, get a life. There is more to the world than trying to impress stangers on a yahoo message board...

    • surf rider,

      You avoided all the good questions I asked of you, again (as usual). You do your avoidance job well. Your deception teacher should be proud.

      And I'm sure you're proud of the people that lost money here due to your bullishness and subsequent disappearance. Pathetic deception and manipulation.

      Yes, I do know the difference between a "position trader" and a "market maker". That has nothing to do with your employment claims and proven lack of skills. Another distraction attempt by you while avoiding the relevant issues.

      I never claimed to know the insiders handling our financial dealings, nor would I ever be so foolish as to post such a thing on a Yahoo message board about a stock I am trading. So you are either completely lying or a complete moron. Take your pick. Both shoes fit.

      No matter what your posts are filled with, it is clear to all readers that you don't care about helping anyone here but yourself and your supposed expertise and connections did you no good in avoiding a 59% decline.

      What good are your posts to others then? What do you offer this board except bloated unsubstantiated bragging about your past amid poor documented performance currently?

      You are nothing but a critic of those with different opinions than yours. You are a shallow little boy that can't back up anything that he claims.

      Tired. Pathetic. Pumper. Tell us again why the 5 million shares your "friends" are going to dump into the market won't affect the share price negatively? I love that fairy tale. Tell it again.

    • mbm,

      you really don't know the difference between a position trader and a market maker do you?

      What the f is a pro trader?

      Yes, I know the vcs who were involved in the deal, do you?

      I "vanished" off this board because posting about EZCH is not the end all be all of my life, as it is for you, which is why you are a loser.

      You really are a presumptuous pip squeak. Good luck idiot, you're going to need it.

    • surf rider,

      FACT: You have claimed here that you used to be a former pro wall streed trader.

      FACT: You have also stated that you personally know people on the inside of our deals and financial transactions, and eluded to continued rising prices and initial analyst coverage very soon.

      FACT: You vanished from this board immediately after pumping it up last year to its peak, while longs who listened to you lost a significant portion of their capital as it fell to $10.20 recently.

      - How do you defend your unproven bragging, and then your astonishing disappearing act right when your followers needed you most?

      - How do you expect to have any credibility here when your trading calls (from a supposed former pro) have been so routinely innacurate?

      - How can any "former pro trader" look at themself in the mirror after supposedly holding onto this stock (that ran up from your claimed cost basis of $3 to $24 and fell all the way back down to $10)?

      I think you are just a legend in your own mind. Your performance results and recommendations posted here have shown to be worthless. Your posts speak for themselves.

      You are routinely wrong by a wide margin and you don't know how to protect capital from the wall street microcap manipulation game.

      - Could it be because you are just part of the manipulation game and that is why you coincidentally appear and disappear here along with so many other aliases?

      Honest investors want to know......

    • message_board_monitor message_board_monitor Feb 27, 2008 10:23 AM Flag

      Explain for all readers exactly how my posts are "bashing" when they merely include the facts about our recent and short term future trading challenges?

      Why is it that none of you alias pumpers can explain WHY you feel 5 million shares being dumped on the market isn't something to worry about, after our already substantial decline from $24.89 to $10.20?

      If my opinions and short term trading concerns are so ridiculous, and you really believe that "any thinking person here" has already ignored me, why haven't any of you pumper aliases put me on ignore?

      Why do you want everyone ELSE to do, what none of YOU will do? (because you are liars and hypocrites trying to control this board?)

      And did you purposefully exclude yourselves from the category of "any thinking person"? I'd say that is some pretty funny and very ironic subconscious self-awareness.

      I only post here as MBM, but you can keep trying to further distract from the real issues affecting our stock price. That is your goal, off-topic distractions and control of the board.

      Meanwhile you have hypocritically and unwittingly exposed that YOU post under the aliases of fooljus/corholio/lnop_b_m/sleepless1.

      You are the pot calling the kettle black. You think because YOU use many aliases, to pump and post off topic personal attacks, that everyone else must too.

      Pathetic delusional narcissistic hypocrisy. Take another caffeine pill and try to address the issues next time.

      Explain why 5 million shares coming up for sale won't depress our stock price further? Go ahead, try.

    • The most telling sign of you pumpers is that you can't just put me on ignore, but you work so hard to try and get OTHERS to ignore me (because your true motive is to control the board for the big pump and dump coming again?).

      Honest objective investors can see right through your factless pumping and personal attacks, as our stock continues its slide due to the coming 5 million share dump you are working so hard to distract from.

      You are entitled to your own opinion about our company or stock price action, even though it has already been proven completely incorrect. I still don't try to prevent you from having or expressing it here.

      Why do you and the pumper gang feel the need to try and stop me (or anyone else) from enjoying those same rights on this board?

      Contrary to your group's blind optimism and contentment with our decline, some longs here are a little aggravated with the huge recent collapse (and the lack of support by those that worked so hard marketing the secondary shares).

      Some longs ARE concerned with the short term price action of our stock in the face of another 5 million shares coming for sale, when there already appears to be little buying interest on LOW volume.

      They had a hard enough time getting the secondary offering completed (to raise money for our future needs), and that was SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than 5 million shares.

      What makes you think that 3x the number of shares for sale, really won't depress our stock even further?

    • Thanks Chart:

      Once we get a constort to throw him to the shares we will all put him on ignore for good.

      He posts (he's really grummy and others under various ids) same thing that was discussed probably when LNOP first took a stake in EZ. Everybody who's somebody can see his vail of deceit (sp) and fake long bullshark.

      He's irrational and compulsive. If you look you'll see the same post for the past months and years from him.

      Anybody who says hey its a non-issue to long term boarders is against the world. Please vote him off the island by-way of a little palm leaf boat into the infested waters.


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