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  • message_board_monitor message_board_monitor May 27, 2008 5:52 PM Flag

    Re: Schlomi (fact? or pump & dump?)


    This is the 2nd time you have posted in the past month, about Schlomi writing an article (which cannot be found anywhere).

    I want to believe you, but if Schlomi REALLY "wrote" such a thing, PLEASE post the link to it - or at least copy and paste the text.

    Whether YOU read it, or "someone else did" and "read it to you" (like you claimed during the pre-earnings runup), it can & should be verified IMHO.

    Even if the article is "only in Hebrew", you can still show that the article exists and that this isn't just another pump & dump rumor.

    TIA for making the small effort to show that you are not just a pump & dump liar, here to mislead others for your own short term profit.



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    • Just review this post and most all for point of fact that your not liked at all and distrusted. I don't dislike you as a human being. You do however leave a strange footprint uncommon to the moral man. Probably will lead to a hot envir and resting place for you in the end.

    • boardwalk97,

      I can't reincarnate gruMMan05, because that is YOUR old alias - and you still control it.

      You are just mad that you can't use it effectively anymore and you attribute that to me.

      Pretty simple to see. Your anger exposes your true motives of control and manipulation. I ruin that for you.

      No true honest long would ever be mad at my accurate predictions that would have saved them money, or even made them more money.

      You are the one(s) that lied to them all, and got them to buy emotionally at the highs - only to disappear when our stock collapsed.

      Now you are back, all together again. Coincidence? I think not.

      Smart investors can see right through your aliases' deceit & manipulation.

    • They're talking about you adios/t

      Your the basher don't you get it?

    • Why don't you reincarnate Grumman that would be simple. Psyco Killer!!

    • Excellent post/summary of the manipulators' activities on this board. I have been saying this for years, and now it's articulated so well in detail from "one of their own".

      Funny how they all previously dismissed my "paranoid" claims of this happening, but now they rally around the concept together - to try and turn the tables. LOL

      Even funnier is that they all appear together "over the weekend" to do this, after being absent at the same time for so long.

      Just realize that those paid posters are NOW showing up here to PUMP the stock higher during runups, so their bosses/customers can SELL into the created/promoted rally.

      Truly honest and objective longs should see right through all of these aliases that show up so conveniently together, to support "each other" during any runups.

      They pretend to be longs that are angry with me, even though my price predictions have been extremely accurate - and could have made any true long more money.

      How is that "bad" for longs? It ISN'T bad for longs. But it IS bad for the manipulators, because I have ruined their game here so often over the years.

      While the paid posters continue to pump again and tell investors what they WANT to hear, I tell it like it REALLY is - and the pumpers hate it because it ruins their pump+dump manipulation.

      Paid poster manipulation was performed on this stock 3+ years ago, while they BASHED & BOUGHT during our huge DECLINE down to $4, and they were exposed back then for it.

      Last year they returned with new names in opposite form, PUMPING & DUMPING, in order to get the VCs out - AND to get the secondary offering done. That IS their job.
      (just 5 million more shares to go!)

      Once that work was completed last year, notice how quickly we collapsed from $25 to $10 - and they all coincidentally vanished together again, just like they appeared.

      Good luck to all honest longs. Hang on for the volatility, now that the alias gang is back together. Prepare to take advantage of it.

      Notice whether volume moves price (true supply/demand dynamics), or whether price moves volume (MM manipulation).


      (this is a new ID i just created so readers can ignore it if they choose, to avoid my off-topic replies exposing the paid pumpers' agenda and off-topic distractions)

    • Oh, I suspect everyone here recognized that you were not talking directly about EZ. And I for one agree that it does describe what happens on this MB. Again, great post.

    • Thanks. I found it here:
      I did not mean to say this particular post was about EZCH, but that it describes this and many other discussions at this board. Whether it was authentic or not in the first place, it seems to be appropriate here.

    • Before you go through the trouble of searching through all the message boards to really find where this quote came from (oh believe me, it has been atributed to many at many MB) it seems to come down to this from several years ago:

    • I have appreciated both of your recent posts max. Welcome to the MB.

    • Bravo

      Longs know the truth about MBM this further characterizes the thief theme I’ve ( and many others) have tried arduously to defend against. This was a problem in terms of being nuisance but we never (true longs) never wavered or compromised our integrity.

      Thanks for the post, just another person among many of us on the board who have disdain for this activity.

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