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  • pacinc3 pacinc3 Jun 4, 2012 4:57 PM Flag

    RBC Capital Conference


    Globe Isreal; Shlomi Cohen
    RBC Capital Conference preview...,

    EZchip's potential is unharmed

    To end with, the management of EZchip, which in the current correction has returned to a market cap below $1 billion, will again explain at the RBC conference tomorrow, and also at further meetings this week with investment institutions in Chicago and Milwaukee that RBC has arranged for them, that the fall in the share price does not signify any reduction in the company's growth potential for the rest of the year. EZchip's market is mainly infrastructure for advanced networks, including LTE, through the major communications equipment suppliers, and customers such as Cisco (CSCO), Ericsson (ERIC) and Ciena (CIEN) have recently reported big contract wins.

    Founder and CEO Eli Fruchter promised that, by the end of this year, he would unveil the new product line being developed in great secrecy in Kiryat Gat. According to Fruchter, this line will double the company's target market, and when it is unveiled there will already be design wins at customers. There are those who believe that the unveiling will take place at the Linley Tech Processor Conference in October. I think that there is a good chance that, by then, the share price will at least return to the $46 peak where it was not long ago.

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    • Twit?? LOL...what are you gay if your going to insult somebody do it like a man you MO F scum sucking M OF SO B P OS.

      Obviously this is inside baseball to you and way over your head and before your time, so enjoy your youth and IGNORANCE.


    • who's predictions you twit? the company's? the analists? and from 06 to 12 it's just 6 years so go back to kindergarden and learn to count

    • Yeah except it was repeatedly predicted in 2003-04 we would be in 3 or 4 years at $300, then at 2008 at $300, then 2009 at $300, then 2010 at $300, then 2011 at $300 and then 2012 at $300.....

      So yes Einstein $35 from $12 is good but it’s been 12 long years in a very risking small cap stock. And if maybe you can read above the 3rd grade level I've been criticizing the FAILED revenue and price predictions not the stock or company.


    • Oh yeah Cisco, I guess you have forgotten how for over two years it was written and predicted that once the NP4 hit commercial production THERE WOULD BE LINES AROUND THE BLOCK TO BUY THEM HAND OVER FIST WITH CONCURRENT REVENUE RISE.......not so much INSTEAD WE GOT CONSECUTIVE QUARTERS WITH DROPS IN REVENUE.

      Keep coming at me I can go all day and night with this stuff.



    • No it was written a couple days later that there were takeover rumors with EZ in the air, which explained the price rise after the CC. The only new information from the CC was bad news of another down quarter and in fact the stock initially dropped during the CC.

      Other than that your post is so cryptic I don't have a clue what your trying to say, but funny how you will say ENOUGH ALREADY but but but but but just keep coming back at me with nonsense when the record is very very very very clear to people who lived it the MISARABLE 10 YR record of FAILED revenue and price predictions speaks for itself.

      Yeah I know, why don't I sell my stock and go away........Why don't you guys grow up.



    • Oh by the way whats a "wizel"....I bet it's probably not good thing.

    • I sold 40% of my holdings after Eli gave guidance of another bad quarter coming (add to that Obama's poll numbers at the time and possiblility of Iran conflict with Israel) and got to cash in my options which I thought were going to expire worthless as the stock rose to $45.

      My story is straight, your reading retention level is not so good though.


    • Henry, Henry, Henry...

      Still up to your old weirdness, I see.

      Please give these people a break...and just stop with the old "Henry against the world" routine. They don't need it or want it. They dont need much as you think they do.

    • On the GTR board you said you sold most of your shares at 34-35 after the last call so keep your story strait you little wizel

    • listen you twit. 6 years ago EZ was 12$ now it's 39 down from 46$ on it's way to 60 by the end of the year, and u are not happy? go back to under the rock you have climbed from.

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