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  • cdafuture cdafuture May 11, 2001 9:22 PM Flag

    The short term question for LNOP is..

    Is the NASDAQ going Up or Down?

    There is nothing the Fed is willing to do that will push the NASDAQ up any higher so the answer is Down after the meeting.

    The push up attempt on the 10th failed badly (a failed gap up that was low to begin with) and has hit a strong resistance wave with no success.

    On the bright side LNOP got good news during this time period and took on a life of its own. The news was good enough that my buy orders at $7.03 and $5.07 never got hit. Now I don�t see LNOP going any lower than $7.73 in the near term with buy orders there and at $8.73.

    LNOP�s quick price moves up are why I never short this stock. I do however take profits. Buying on support waves when they are hit and selling part on resistance waves. I was bummed when I wasn�t able to ride ALL my shares bought at $4.30 to my most recent sell order fill at $12.70. I unloaded some on the way up for a nice but not insane profit. On the bright side I over the past few months I did quite well on the way down on the buy side. I still have some shares to sell at $19.00 for a super profit and more to sell when LNOP delivers for a clearly insane profit.


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    • As I remember the avaya release their chip will be out next year, not in a couple of months. Do you have a reference for your info? ar

    • MultiBillionaire George Soros owns a large chunk of EZChip also.

    • Good post Super,
      Also there are about 10 beta customers bringing the total potential customers that EZ is actively working with to about 16-18 total of alpha and beta.

    • Also, look for news the week of June 11-15, the CEO speaks at the Network Processor Forum in San Jose, Ca. on June 14.

    • nicolas,
      the tape-out of producing the chips is to be completed by IBM in the middle of June. Avaya stated that they will have initial products available in july. During that time, I expect more alpha companies to receive shipments and release news indicating the players in this race (which EZchip is the center of the universe). Volume shipment are suppose to be this fall, approx date is September.
      You also need to understand that George Gilder chooses LNOP on his model telecosm list of significant companies building the future communication highways. This world recognized technical writer is connected with Forbes magazine and what he picks usually soars.

    • I pulled this off the website. Attention is coming back to emerging technologies and should help LNOP tomorrow:

      The IPO market is quietly beginning to stir. Tom Frangione, our IPO Fund manager, has his eyes on the way-oversubscribed Tellium (TELM:Nasdaq) deal that's pricing tonight and hitting the tape tomorrow. Tellium's expected to price in the $13 to $15 range, up from $8 to $10 projected in early March.
      Tellium makes large optical switches that are found in the core of a carrier�s network. While the optical sector isn't as hot as it was last year, we still like companies with cutting edge technology and an installed customer base. Tellium possess both of these. It has three well-funded customers -- Cable & Wireless, Dynegy (DYN:NYSE) and Qwest (Q:NYSE) -- that have committed to buy $1 billion worth of gear from Tellium over the next five years. Tellium's in a crowded space, but Tellium claims that its 1.28 terrabit switch provides two times the capacity of Ciena�s (CIEN:Nasdaq) product, and eight times the capacity of that of Sycamore's (SCMR:Nasdaq).

    • The shorts are not going to be happy with your predictions Santa. They wanted EZ to go to 3 and when it did not, they bought like crazy. If the chip works the upside is much greater than the short downside.

      The Chairman said there will be 100% growth per year for the next several years. Shorts are playing the wrong side of the moves.

    • $17 by the end of the week ???? Love to see it but...... what impetus will we see for that to happen ??????

      I am curious about your mention of Goldman Sachs. Could you expand on that a little as it relates to our current situation.

      Amigo Mike

    • My opinion is that we will see 17 by the end of the week. The market cap is still well under $100 million for a company that has promising technology that apparently has been reviewed by Avaya, IBM and Goldman Sachs. If this technology is for real, I think the stock takes out old highs by a factor of 2 or 3.

    • shows a good support wave to buy is at $8.73 so I am just waiting here.

      A strong resistance is at $12.44 so I'll end up taking some profits at that level.

      This stock is very tradeable, but never short it.. any news will take you out.

      Good luck and make some money!

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