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  • jadelover8888 jadelover8888 Sep 8, 2010 1:27 PM Flag

    SLRC is a good buy right now!


    With 60 cents dividend and an ex-div date of 9/15/2010, at the current $20 price, SLRC is an attractive buy becaues there will be no way it can drop down below 19.40 on the ex-div date.

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    • Jade, A few things to chew on...One, SLRC price is dictated by the amount of buys vs. the amount of sells, that is it, not earnings, not dividend, time of year , nada. Even on a day where a company pays out a distribution like .60 cents, the stock can drop way more or not retreat at all and go up ! , as in have actual effect on the is all truely dependedent on the proportion of buys/sells for that given trading day. Follow these trends and sentiments (ie price rise during volume change) and the prettiest balance sheet in the world may not reflect it's stock price

      Another way to lock in some tidy profits is to day trade this and other bdc's as they are rising and then lock in a price when doesn't want to gamble anymore, and let your heirs fuss about capital gains or losses. If one is truely seeking dividend, buy regardless of price, if closely !

    • Even with an x-dividend date next week this stock can't seem to stop going down.

      BDC's continue to greatly lag the overall markets.

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