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  • danitherich danitherich Jan 9, 1998 6:39 AM Flag

    hey isn't thaaaat good news?

    we read that oxhp will get some new ceo' is mr adamson, ceo of advantica restaurants group.that's phantastic news isn't? this guy now will BEEF UP that company...
    or:oxhp now will have insider infos about mad cow's desease: tremendous!!oxhp expands into new territory, fellows!

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    • Well aren't you the bright boy. How did you think any type of insurance works. Of course the more it's used the less a company earns hence the term - underwriting.

      Any other brilliant insights???

    • i like your thinking, hope all goes well. If you have returned 100% consistently the last 3 years in a row, I am interested in the details of your investment strategies. How do go about finding these companies? Sounds pretty good

    • i bought at 14 sold at 17 im waiting now till it drops to where i feel it is comfortable for me. maybe 14 but im hoping 11 this time.

    • i agree with you that tlk is undervalued, however it is too much of a risky play for me with what is going on in the country and dropped again 15% and will probably rise again.....I do this (trade) for a living and i research a company
      for about 6 months generally before I buy.......atec dropped back to where i thought it would because of the reverse split
      and in my oppinion and based on charts is at its bottom at 3 1/8 and now will recover and move to a minimum of 10 by the end of
      98 that gives me approx. a 300% return on this stock for the year beating the s&p by a mile and paying for my mortgage this
      year on just this stock and i'm able to reinvest some to increase my revenues for next year....... my objective every year is to
      make a minimum of 100% on my holdings for the year and I have done soo for the past 3 years since switching to this full time. I
      keep about 5 stocks that I feel are high growth for the year 100% growth or more and atec to me is at least this. the other 75%
      of my portfolio is in long term stocks, bonds and commodities......but again you are right it is a good company (tlk) but the
      downside is too great compared to the downside for atec........

    • Just offering a stock tip to holders of oxhp. My experience with this one is pretty disappointing, but got to move on. Making impressive gains with TLK.

      best regards,

      fj9401 (check DRMD message board for more details)

    • Why are people discussing other stocks on this board? The question I want to post for every board member is this: ARE YOU
      MAKING MONEY TRADING OXHP? If not then sell it and move on. If any stock you buy moves 10%-15% against you, quickly get out. It is
      that simple. Put in a stop and get the hell out! Do not trade foolisly like I use to. I would take 50%+ losses before I would get
      out. Remember, there will ALWAYS be another market. Hope, wishing, praying, maybe, etc. are the comforting words for losers. I
      want to know if anyone has come up with a winning strategy for trading OXHP. Is ANYBODY making money on trading OXHP? Please let
      me and the other board members know. After all, we are here to learn how to make money, not lose it. Please post your replys.

    • My stock as you will see posted on the DRMD message board is TLK. Follow my messages, you'll figure out I'm 100% legit. TLK is up 60% since last thursday (was $5.6875, now $9.1875) This ones going to $12-$15 no problem in 2 or 3 weeks. Watch and learn.

    • Your stock is up 1/32 since the challenge, mine (FIBR) is up 5/16

    • Re-read your post #559 objectively and I think you see where the irritated tone in my reply comes from.

      Some of your phrases:

      ". . . Hey I see all you gurus in the market haven't met my challenge yet"

      ". . . For all of you that have such a grasp on trading and know the markets you should have one right . . ."

      ". . .Someone step up to the plate and then I'll listen to the crap that most of you post here . . ."

      I think there is plenty of instigation on your part to justify the irritated tone in my message. If I over-reacted, I apologize.

      I got my 18% earnings growth from the Yahoo business profile under ATEC. I only spent 5 minutes on the company because it was immediately apparent that ATEC wasn't worth my time.

      You are dreaming about institutional investors or mutual funds buying in. ATEC is so thinly traded that a mutual fund couldn't take a meaningful position without bidding up the price it must pay. Then when trying to sell ATEC, the mutual fund would crush itself on the way out. Institutional investors - no way! Just how experienced an investor are you?

      If ATEC ever really does anything, there will be plenty of time to get it later after it shows it's worthy. Microsoft didn't get to $130/share overnight.

      By the way, you ask my background. I'm a very analytical engineer. And yes I've been burned a few times. I have been
      investing aggresively since late 1992 and OXHP is by far the biggest mistake I have ever made. The day of OXHP huge drop from 70+ to
      low 20's I bought at $25-1/2 without knowing anything about the company except that it was the HMO bellweather and that it was a
      "darling of wall street." I took a flyer on OXHP on a whim simply thinking wallstreet was drastically over-reacting. Boy was I wrong,
      and I have learned my lesson.

    • . . . remember if you read any of my postings or not. Hmm... maybe your atec will come around later? Wow you have some challenge on your hands! Seems to me my little company is huffing & puffing out 18% a day ever since I rose to meet your unwarranted challlenge!! Get back to me when atec decides to stop sleeping! I can't stand to see people having their money tied up in a sleeping loser! Oh well, maybe tomorrow ?

      P.S. - give you a hint - check me out on the DRMD thread. I will be waiting patiently for you.

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