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  • bfg93105 bfg93105 May 18, 1999 1:33 PM Flag

    OXHP is rolling between

    15 & 20. Ride the channel. Free Yahoo stock
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    • Thanks for the refresher. I used to live in
      Kutztown and went biking through Paradise a few times.
      Meanwhile I had my OXHP called away at 20 and I'm looking
      for a point to re enter. It seems to be drifting back
      to 15 without any news.

    • NEW YORK, May 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Standard &
      Poor's CreditWire has issued reports with the following
      headlines from Tuesday, May 25 at 5:00 P.M. to Wednesday,
      May 26 at 9:00 A.M.

      S&P Revises Oxford Health
      Plans Outlook to Positive



      7300 LONG

    • You might want to consider
      putting CCGI on
      your list. A
      consolidation company into
      Medical concerns.
      They just released Year
      end 1998.
      Also, they are due to release 1st

      Very good financials! Worth a look for
      those of
      you interested in an overlooked
      play. Nobody was
      interested because lack
      of information, now they filed a
      SEC report
      to become fully reporting. Given the
      report, there is no way it will stay at
      50 cents
      IMHO. No hype, just the facts.
      For those of you who
      dislike opening
      of your horizons, I apologize, and
      body else, its was suggestions like
      these that
      made me never look at an
      another Mutual fund. I
      offer no promises
      or anything else, just a find of


    • If you in OXHP long (>6 months), don't worry
      about today's action. If you are like myself and
      planning on selling in the next few weeks, it is time to
      re-evaluate. Realistically, this company isn't worth more than
      $13-15/share and Wiggins' action will probably send the price
      into/near this range. Look for high volume Monday with a
      steadily declining price over the next few days. And just
      when I thought I could take my 300% and run!

    • Wiggins, I hope your'e reading this...
      of all you failed miserably and your company almost
      dies and now after what feels like 20 years, there is
      positive momentum in the stock and you file for sale. You
      owe it to your share holders to hang tough and see
      the stock thru to a level it's fighting to reach.
      Thank god for the man who took your place. Though I
      have far less shares, I'm holding on to mine, I only
      hope your'e not telling us something with your
      Long live OXFORD!

    • Wiggins accumulated thousands of shares of stock
      as an officer of OXHP. I am confident he worried
      when the company almost went belly up under his
      management. Payson has come along and rescued the company,
      the stock holders, and Wiggins as well. Now, as a
      well heeled executive, even though he failed in his
      mission, he can exercise options and sell stock and still
      become even more of a multi-millionaire while his stock
      holders languished.
      Dr. Payson is well acquainted
      with the health/HMO business. Worry if he, the man,
      starts to sell OXHP. Payson is, arguably, the most
      experienced and successful director in health insurance in

      Personally, I just wish Dr. Payson would
      leave the private sector and help the government's
      Medicare program, something which is in desperate need of
      help! Of course, I would want to know he is leaving
      OXHP so I can sell my stock!

      Good luck in
      investing and keep the faith, SDT.

    • Hmmm..OxfordWho..I haven't heard anything about Oxford switching its drug maintenance to Express Scripts. Where did ya hear that?

      Great gains today

    • Does anyone know if Oxford is selling off it's mail order pharmacy DIRECT SCRIPTS to Express Scripts or anything of that nature

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