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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Mar 1, 2005 6:22 PM Flag


    June, you keep avoiding the question at fat are you??
    Don't be embarrassed.

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    • Hey Asshole,I told you repeatedly not to waste my time.Now tell me,how fat is your wife ,mother,and daughter?Since you are so concerned with weight,my guess is we are dealing with three fat ugly broads.Now go ____yourself and leave me alone.I enjoy making money while toying with you Pecker Heads.Sorry you have such a fat ugly family,but that is one of the breaks in life.I will bet all three also like playing hide the big salami while the head of the family is asking stupid questions on the internet.You should be more interested in folllowing my advice about Benthos.Had you listened, you would have alrady doubled your money.Still there is time as stock is on its way to $40.Instead of worrying about a good looking intelligent woman like myself, go take care of your family and maybe they will stop looking to play hide the salami with your neighbor's teen age son.