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  • susiesweatsocks susiesweatsocks Feb 16, 2013 3:40 AM Flag

    taking a gamble/ increasing share holdings by tenfold

    small risk/ company hanging on by a market thread/ but i like that the company is being forced to hunker down and use the market to survive instead of just lining pockets/ their product is 50 years ahead of being mainstream, but fuel cells has a bright outlook in my eyes/ just hoping they hold on without going bellyup completely/ hoping unfortunately is not my game/ mostly i look for stable/ this is my green company

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    • Coming from the utter phuckface runjjd I am not surprised. The douchebag has maintained a "strong buy" on plug since the stock was $6 presplit. That same stock that runjjd said was a "strong buy" at $6 presplit is now worth less than 2 cents. Does that sound like a savy investor to ANYONE on this board? Facts remain runjjd the company loses money on every unit they sell. Without taxpayer support the company would already be BK and out of business. They must reverse split to stay listed and dilute yet again in a few months. Book value is #$%$! The company has spent nearly a billion dollars and has never turned a profit. Short term dead cat bounce but long term this company is going BK!

    • Book value dilution down from .45 to .26 based on company SEC filing. The .15 offer has a appreciation of .11, so I suspect we trade up to .15 until the 20th then could pop to .26 or over. May happen before. Fact is Book value is .26 at this point.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I agree! The real reason this company, and fuel-cells in general, are not doing well is the fact they are not cheep enough to seemingly or realistically afford. Just like you or I we put are money where we see fit, not necessarily the right thing to do for or world or next generation. The same reason why electric cars with batteries will not sell, it easier, cheeper and quicker to use gas even though it destroys our planet. The majority of us need to eat pay bills and taxes and still want enough left to have some type of fun life. I think as new developments in cost savings, new discoveries in fuelcell technology and the knowledge of the right thing to do will in fact explode the value of this upward. If the price comes down or using using fuel-cells offers a quicker ROI and cash savings then watch out. Its a matter of time everything comes down in price, the first flat screen TVs were $15,000plus now go get one for 199.00 or less.

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