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  • gizmo_puppy95 gizmo_puppy95 Mar 13, 2014 2:51 PM Flag


    is something else. They trash the stock one day and the next they replay parts of the positive interview.
    Will there EVER be anyone HONEST in the Stock Reporting business?
    CN BS is does nothing but report what they are Paid to Report by Hedgies.

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    • I wonder who has Cramer in their pocket . What he said to the caller that day ...and then to retract it not too long after is criminal .... and he had the b@lls to say " come get me PLUG longs" , while standing atop the oil rig .

    • Please think about what drives their success - the number of people watching the channel that's it. The more dramatic and breathless they can make things (omg omg omg omg), the better for them.

      Warren Buffett, while being a guest there, I'm sure doesn't watch. I rarely do.

      I landed on PLUG as an investment by seeing large volume one day to the upside (when it was in the $2s). I then researched the history of the company (which is sloppy) and then the future potential (which is massive). I then put a big amount of my portfolio into shares.

      When it hit $10+, I thought it was overbought, so I sold. When it then fell thanks to the short attack, I bought back in the $5-$6 area. I'm smiling today.

      I've been a buy-side analyst, have an MBA in finance, and other assets besides the ones I'm investing in the stock market. I also thus know what I'm doing. There are many who chase the latest idea/stock and that's dangerous to them and to me.

      Go slow, find the growth opportunities (like this one) and be happy. And don't ignore work and life in the meantime.

      See you in double digits. That's where we are heading.

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    • TESLA is kicking butttt. If the car manufacturer is TESLA reported in the CC this will explode up. Its a long shot . Christy put his #$%$ on the line putting him self against TESLA with on dealerships. CNBC said this froth is bad for the Markets. Calling the stocks rise froth? I have heard the word froth a dozen times on CNBC. ITS a guided wreck today. These guys are helping the shorts in the market.

    • I heard they are planning on planting cocaine in some gen drives. CNBC is evil.

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