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  • sunfundasst sunfundasst Dec 26, 2000 5:26 PM Flag

    Re: All the little people inside his he

    Are not Ballard and Fuel Cell Energy in quite
    different markets ?

    Why should the expected results
    you have for Plug impact on FCEL?

    Do you not
    expect the shortage of utility power will have some
    positive effect on FCEL?

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    • Yes BLDP and FCEL are in different markets. It is
      my opinion that those markets will never make money.
      Take FCEL, it looks like they will never get the cost
      down below $10,000 KW but PLUG will be selling it's
      units for under $1,000KW plus the waste heat can be
      used for heat and hot water for free. FCEL units can
      not be used for back up power as it takes up to days
      to bring it on line. It seems that 18 months is as
      long as an FCEL unit has been able to run. So who
      would buy an FCEL unit if they can get better with the
      same efficiency and a design life of 15 years for 1/10
      the price?

      Now take BLDP who wants the auto
      market. They will have to sell the units for under $50KW
      or about $3,000 per car PLUS the cost of the motors
      another $3,000 PLUS they want to do away with service
      stations and start an new H2 filling stations this would
      be each filling station to invest 300,000 just to
      fill their autos. PLUG fuel cells however can run on
      converted gasoline or other fuels and change the fuel
      source twenty to 50 years down the road.

      I am
      sorry if others do not agree with me but I see the PEM
      fuel cell as the only fuel cell that will be mass
      produced in the next 10 years, that can sell for the same
      or less than people are paying now. PLUG is the
      leader in PEM fuel cells

      If you do not agree with
      me then please do not buy PLUG if I am wrong I will
      lose some money, but if I am right than I will
      thousands of times more than I can lose.

      Good Luck!

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