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    • Two questions:

      Spring is a two months
      away. Can you really rationize why BNBN will be
      anywhere near $100 in such a short period of time? I
      didn't think so.

      Second, what "quiet period".
      That ended many, many months ago.

      It seems to
      me you are just spouting off and your statements are
      an embarrassment to the intellect of many on this

      PS. a stock which sells of from 24.25 (your entry
      point) to less than 10 is not a "sleeper" its a piece of
      dirt. best of luck

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      • I made that prediction on day one of this IPO at
        the time it seemed possible. Since you have nothing
        to do but research back 16000 post ago to rip my ass
        I think you should get away from you screen and go
        out and try to find a date. Remember the restraing
        order though, you have to stay away from the school
        yard and the pinball room where the kids hang out. By
        the way I made another prediction back in third
        grade, I told all my buddies in the tree fort that I
        would be dating Racquel Welch for my prom I now feel
        that I embarrassed thier intellect and I apologize.

        If I embarrassed anybody else's intellect from the
        bizzaro dimention GET A LIFE nobody on this board is
        responsible for this stocks preformance.

      • Jack_key was one of the pioneers investors in
        this POS, while you were still 'third hand' in a
        Bermuda Circle Jerk.

        He learned the hard way what
        is means to make an investment in a Riggio scheme.
        Something I assume you have not learned as of

        Jack_key was a well liked contributor for many months,
        until his retirement account could no longer handle the
        Riggio carnage........

        Feel like a genius


      • im embarrassed to say the previous post (by me) was an errant reply to a post from more than 8 months ago. very red-faced at the moment. my apologies to all. best wishes


    • I had that same optimism once!


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      • Not all IPO's are going to click - Someone gave
        me advise to wait 45-60 days before buying in. In
        this case it is good advise. but then you miss out on
        the big kill every now and then. But that is the
        price you pay trying to avoid the big hurt that comes
        along every now and then! Like bnbn - a MAJOR HURT for
        many in this sector of stock wonderland! I have some
        at 15, some at single digits so I'm down too. This
        is like death in slow motion - agonizing to ride.
        But I look forward to Christmas Chear in about a
        year. Like the post you refer too, I think this stock
        IS a SLEEPER and will continue to sleep till then.
        But the ride could get bumpier here as amzn rides
        down and even steeper slope. IMO IMHO IMO and IMFO you
        should do the DD cause this could be IMWO.

    • Just read your incisive message! Where may I ask did you learn to babble so well?

    • The fact that this stock was unchanged on Friday,
      and slipped very little today, should be seen as a
      good sign. With such little volume, this thing could
      have easily tanked big-time the last two trading days.
      But it did not. Take a look at some of the other
      .Com'ers , and be happy you own BNBN. As far as those of
      you in at the 25 range, you should have seen this
      coming before you bought. The .com IPO's have been
      struggling for at least a month. I know because I previously
      owned one that I sold to get into BNBN.

    • is a piece of shit too...

      worth the paper it's printed on...

      I am neither
      short nor long, just glad to see the internuts heading
      in the right direction.

      This stock is a
      This stock is a dog.

      Margin calls

      Sell now, I have some tulips for sale, or you may want
      to buy DRKOOP.COM!

    • I'm also in BNBN for long and long...
      BNBN have access to about 3-4 mil. internet users
      through internet providers like: AOL, MSN, Mindspring,
      and others alone.
      Plus, the stock report(as of
      05/29/99) shows that BNBN is "debt-free" so far(no short
      and long term debts) and BNBN have really good chance
      to post positive earnings(hope before year
      However, AMZN's stock report shows that AMZN is in heavy
      debts due to mismanagement and expansions(one reason
      why I don't invest in AMZN).

    • Your comments concerning BKS is accurate. I will
      disagree with you on BNBN and hype and smoke. If you look
      at the financials of BNBN and compare that to AMZN,
      it is obvious.

      The only advantage AMZN has at
      this point over BNBN is that it was out of the gate
      first. Period. Sure, I understand that the sales,
      visitors, etc. are higher--they should be. But, that
      doesn't mean that it will stay this skewed. For those of
      us who think we are much smarter than management--I
      offer you this. Do you not think that management knows
      that it will need to sell CD's, DVD's, etc.? It amazes
      me how many "investors" consider investing 3-4 days,
      let alone weeks.

      I personally think that BNBN
      is on the right track. It clearly shows in their PR
      on what they are wanting to do. The interview with
      BNBN has proven what I am stating. I am willing to be

      Let me ask you this question. If the internet sector
      was as it was in Nov, Dec. How many of us here would
      have bought at 50-60 range for BNBN? I would have and
      I know a lot of others who would have. If you
      wouldn't have, then why are you complaining about this

      Shorting AMZN is a pretty easy thing to do in this market
      Bookmaven (granted, shorting was one of the best ways to
      make money the last few weeks). I feel more
      comfortable going long on a stock, but I have had no problems
      with shorting AMZN, AOL or CMGI the last few

      Why fight the tide?

      I think this week would be
      more dangerous to short, but I take each day at a

      Good luck on whatever you do, short or long.

      personally will not get out a couple of days later, I intend
      to be very long on BNBN.

    • company losing money ( or an online
      company with the potential of BNBN? Either is
      severely overpriced or BNBN has a lot of upside in the
      near future.

      Just hoping there is one more dip
      to buy more,


    • here's my opinion:
      BKS is woefully undervalued
      and is sitting on huge growth potential of its own
      (from college bookstores, superstores and things like
      "B Dalton") and has historically held at the 30 - 35
      range without BNBN.
      BNBN is counting on hype and
      smoke (the two required elements of an internet IPO) to
      build its price. Once it builds to a respectable levels
      (your guess as good as mine) it will use this "value"
      to acquire properties to expand its web presence to
      be a more effective competitor against AMZN and
      partner to Bertlesmann. My opinion is,
      Computer City and Lycos are all in play (but who knows? we
      could buy and make a big deal out of
      it) But if Lenny R. ever returns my calls, that's
      what I'll tell him to do.
      I would never short AMZN,
      it's like trying to predict the movements of a
      rattlesnake. But I would hold BNBN until one of two things
      happen; BKS breaks through 30 and/or BNBN aanounces an
      acquisition. If the acquisition happens, I'm out a couple days

      Good luck Papa and All Longs!

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