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  • fred7791208 fred7791208 Aug 21, 1999 11:03 PM Flag

    Did we pick up another

    It looks like we now have two "strong Buys" and "two Buys". Check it out and let me know if this just happened or did I miss something.

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    • If I remember right, Bertelsmann bought $200 mil. of BNBN last fall, which is why the IPO was posponed from then until last may.

    • could's problem be that their name just
      sucks? for some reason people do not remember that their
      domain is - everyone knows amazon - who knows bn?
      or wants to spell out maybe its
      me, but i think the name does not work...

    • In April signed a deal with NBC to help produce
      the network's Internet coverage of the 2000 Summer
      Olympics and susequent Olympic coverage thru the year
      2004. It is also set to cover the America's Cup
      yachting event next year.

      Investors include

      - Intel Corporation
      - Media One
      - Liberty
      - Hearst Communications
      - Comcast Interactive
      - AtHome Corporation
      - MeriTech Capital Partners
      - Pivotal Partners, L.P.
      - Crossover Fund II,
      - British Telecom (Netherlands) Holdings

      The managing underwriters of the offering were
      Merrill Lynch & Co., Lehman Brothers, and BancBoston
      Robertson Stephens.

      Quite period ends Monday August

      This issue is going to explode!' nn

    • Bertelsmann directs people to for the US online book store. heheheh & partners


    • Fluctuation of stock prices have the tendency to
      scare off individual investors who forgot their main
      reason for investing? Profit? The strategy is there,
      unfortunately the price fluctuation succumb many investors.
      Solidify your plan and quit watching the stock every day.
      The fundamentals are there, financial stability,
      management, and an excellent opportunity to utilize the
      dollar cost average approach. Patience investors! If you
      bought at the top of the hill, climb down and re buy it
      to smooth out the equilibrium.

    • cost to the bottom line. But when you pay with
      cash how can that hurt earning? It will steamline the
      channel and reduce cost long term. And still have money
      left over people forget this company is cash rich with
      STRONG backing and 127 years years experience behind it
      selling books.