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  • im3wide im3wide Jul 30, 2010 11:11 AM Flag

    Just booted fins and sold 10K at $1.53

    fins is either a closte short or he is slowly becoming unhinged and the shelf has me concerned enough to sell 10K at $1.53...hopeuflly the ER will clarify things for my remaining balance...see yo all later

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    • Fins has a point, you know. Antares has been making up for the revenue shortfall by selling stocks. There is nothing horrifying about this. A lot of start-ups go through this. BTW I'm not a short. Matter of fact, I see promise in Antares and am keeping an eye on the company, with a view to buying in at an appropriate time.

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      • marketexplorer:
        Is looking to buy in at an appropriate time:

        If not now - When ?

        The stock is down 25% from a recent 52 week high.
        Anturol test results were great, and most are looking for a
        licensing agreement this year. Also Nesterone should be licensed
        this year. Epinephrine could be approved this year (although I
        think that will be in early 2011). While I don't expect a Libi-Gel
        license this year, we could get one (if not soon into 2011 and the
        early test results have help to confirm Libi-Gel should be approved).
        The earnings call should be fine - the company has already publicly
        stated that cash at the end of the second quarter will be the
        same as it was at the end of Q-1. Tev-Tropin is doing great and
        Elestrin (which many had written off as a loser) will provide decent
        revenue now and into the future. The three analysts (and Michael
        Murphy) have come out with reports since the Anturol trial results
        and reaffirmed their buy ratings and targets (which are 100%
        above today's share price). AND as I keep saying, a new and
        exciting deal can come at any time.
        As for negatives which could drive us lower. Some speculate that
        the shelf registration could be used for a nearly immediate share
        sale and that would cause dilution. First I don't believe that will
        happen at anywhere near today's stock price, that it will happen
        anytime soon, and that if stock is sold - management will have a
        use for the money that will be highly beneficial to shareholders;
        and, on a worst case basis, if I am wrong the dilution is already
        discounted in the recent 25% drop in share
        price and there is nowhere to go
        but up....

        I repeat - what are you waiting for ???
        GOOD LUCK