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  • market_explorer market_explorer Aug 1, 2010 5:11 PM Flag

    Just booted fins and sold 10K at $1.53


    In 2 days the stock gave back all of its gains from July 27. Doesn't that tell you a lot of the money behind AIS right now is nervous and looking for an exit?

    Lots of luck to you.

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    • marketexplorer:
      I have been doing this for a long time and I have learned to look
      at value and opportunity. Investors sometime have a herd mentality;
      a few sell and others think the "smart money" is selling and they
      jump on that dead end band-wagon and things happen like the very
      recent 25% pull back in AIS. Same thing can
      easily happen in reverse on the up-side..

      I truly think that AIS can hit $10 this year - (and most here laugh
      at my targets, and that's OK) - but the lowest analyst's estimates
      I have seen is $3 from Ladenburg and Roth - $3.50 from Madison-
      Williams and $5 from Michael Murphy. These are smart professionals
      and the lowest target is up 100% from here. I love the support of
      these analysts, but I ultimately buy stocks on my own research and
      due diligence and I know of no better risk/reward ratio than AIS.
      I have posted here many times all of the bullet-points I like so
      much about AIS and also that I can foresee any problems in their

      Your thought about nervous investors might be right-on and maybe we
      haven't seen the bottom right in here - but no smart investors (except
      for some technicians and traders) look to pick bottoms. They look for
      value in greatly undervalued stocks - and that is AIS. Maybe if your
      worried, keep some powder dry and if it does drop further, average
      down to reduce your overall cost basis - but the downside is far, far
      less than the upside potential and to wait for a further drop of a few
      nickels and risk missing out on a few (to several) dollars on the upside
      is the dictionary definition of: Penny wise and Pound Foolish.