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  • db246900 db246900 Sep 27, 2011 12:15 PM Flag

    trading today

    I just got to the computer today and see this stock went from 2.48 down to 2.34....why? The market is UP pretty big....many here talk of a technical blast off in the making but I haven't seen any result in the share price...of course, I'm a long and will hold for many months/years, but bewildered...

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    • Well I put in a order of 240,000 shars yesterday at close I guess no one else is buying today

    • dd learn to draw trendlines. Read the pasted post. Yesterday and today's price action very obvious. It'll get there....and may be a rocketship in doing it. :)

    • Good afternoon db,

      Like you I am long AIS but I still like to watch the stock price action daily when I can.
      Today i have been doing just that.

      As you stated the price rose to $2.48 and then fell off SLOWLY to $2.34 from whince it is slowly moving back up to around $2.41 area now at 12:35 PM. While this was going on buyers stepped back allowing stop loss shares to be tripped. I don't use stop loss entries for this reason as the MM's will get you every time.
      However I do set mental limits and with discipline act on them should the time arise.

      My guess is that institutions/funds were selling some shares [window dressing for 30 Sept qtr,] Now it appears they have finished selling.[hopefully.] Professional accummulation is also done similarly. With AIS becoming more and more of interest to the big guys we need to get used to it and use it to our own advantage
      and not panic out of this stock. The Capital Appreciation potential is too great,

      This stock is going to send a lot of children/grandchildren to college gratis and give folks the ability to retire plus hopefully thru your kindness help those less fortunate.AMEN!!

      Que Dios te bendiga!

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      • fmurph

        I think today's trading, while very normal (very nice
        advance on no specific news yesterday and then a
        consolidation of gains by some weak hands selling and
        short term guys taking some profit). I think we will
        very soon resume a nice upward path.

        I am traveling for the next several days and almost forgot
        that now is very near to the end of the third quarter.

        But you mentioned something interesting which is the
        fund's and their practice of "Window Dressing" (which I
        always thought was nuts, but I realize it does happen).

        But in my experience the funds who practice this would
        not SELL a stock like AIS - rather they would BUY
        to show a winning position in their portfolio when they
        report their holdings sometime after the end of a

        If I am right on this, and it plays a roll then we might
        see some buying come in later today and for the rest
        of the week. Any gain caused by "window dressing" would
        not be the solid commitment I like to see from buyers-
        but I'll take it.
        GOOD LUCK

    • Hi DB.
      Nothing goes up in straight line and you will always have pullbacks and sellers.

      We went up over 7% yesterday on no news, so we stop to take a breather.
      Back to 2.4 now.

    • Its an algorythm and market maker who wanted to but the 2.35 block and took the stock down. Clear manipulation in my opinion. I bought at 2.34 limit becasue i saw this coming. I would think we close over 2.50 today..