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  • engintarim engintarim Jan 6, 2012 11:55 AM Flag

    ANTARES PHARMA FUTURE 2012 -2015 !!


    Adam Feuerstein & Chimera Research & BioDueDiligence write positive articles about Antares Pharma !! LiesDamnLies and Statistics !!
    Please only be on Real facts. !!
    Antares Pharma is a Profitable Company
    3 FDA Approved Produkts
    Watson Anturol Deal !! And European Partnering this Q1 Q2 2012
    Pfizer Deal paymant from Pfizer 2012 ~ 2015 and more !! from Pfizer
    Vibex MTX Partnering Worldwide come Q1 or Q2 2012
    Only Vibex MTX Rheumatid Arthritis have a World Wide market over 35 Billion

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    • Sure looking, being doing so since it was 0.35.....

    • Potential Milestones for next 12-18 months
      • Pfizer Paymant details & Partnering
      • Anturol launched by Watson
      • Teva epinephrine product commercialized
      • 2nd Teva auto-injector product approved and launched
      • Other Teva programs advance including first pen product filed (ANDA)
      • VIBEX MTX NDA filed
      • VIBEX MTX partnership in Europe
      • New VIBEX QS pipeline product development program initiated



      Psoriasis & Rheumatoid Arthritis
      According to a recent report by MarketsandMarkets, a market research firm, sales of drugs to treat autoimmune disease reached more than US$30 billion in 2007. These sales are forecasted to grow to a total global value of over US$50 billion in 2013.

      According to the market research firm Global Industry Analysts (GIA), psoriasis affects 123 million people worldwide. The psoriasis drug market generated US$3.7 billion of revenue in 2009 and is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 12% and reach US$7.3 billion in revenue by 2015.

      The worldwide market for Rheumatoid Arthritis, according to GIA, was more than US$14 billion in 2009 and is expected to grow to at a compounded rate of 8% and reach US$23 billion in 2015. XBiotech has not yet conducted a clinical trial for Rheumatoid Arthritis, but plans to do so within the next 12 months.

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      • On the issue of MTX revenues in the U.S., below is an excerpt from my post after the Oppenheimer presentation. I'm not trying to pump this, as I'm in for the long haul as long as the positive story is backed up by objective facts.

        According to the Oppenheimer presentation, 30-60% patients don't tolerate oral methotrexate. Of the 2M RA patients in the US, 6-8% are now being prescribed an injectable form of the drug, which must be administered at a physician's office. So, there are already numerous patients "paying up" for the injections. According to an independent survey of more than 200 physicians, the physicians reported they would double or triple their prescriptions of an injectible form of this drug if something like Vibex MTX was available.

        AIS intends to price the product competitively and to obtain a good profit while locking in a range of 14-15% or higher of the prescriptions of methotrexate. Moreover, if patients do not tolerate the drug orally, your point about the high price is moot. Indeed, if they need the methotrexate to treat their diblitating disease, $50 per week (which is your price quote), will not be cost prohibitive. Do you sincerely believe the price of MTX will prevent AIS from realizing its market potential? IMHO, price will not be an issue once this is approved and is ready to enter the market. Of the 200 products AIS researched, it hand-picked methotrexate as it first Vibex QS drug. This company is well managed and very astute in the area of risk management. They will not develop a product at a certain price point if their market research did not support it.

        Since you were kind enough to give us a price point, let's take a look at the potential revenues from Vibex MTX. Assuming 10% of the 2M patients used MTX annually, AIS would sell about 10.4M doses - resulting in about $520M from sales in the U.S. A 52% margin would yeild a profit of $270M. The numbers would increase if we use Wotten's estimates of 14-15% or higher market share. Finally, assuming about 125M shares outstanding at the time this happens and a PE ratio of 20, we would be looking at a PPS of about $43.

    • You are about full of it as a Christmas turkey! LINKS jerkwad??? Or is this just more pumping.You already missed your 5,60 call for the end of the year.So whats your new prediction??

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      • Dog Pound !!

        I forecasted in October 2011
        on my own research
        3 100% Targets
        only Antares Pharma Share Price mised the Target
        but 5,6 $ come by end May 2012
        My Target by the end of this Year is over 9,2$

        Iam not a pumper I only see a Golden future of Antares Pharma
        Visionärs like me write things that other People never understand @ this Time for Example !!
        I read in 1998 Bill Gates Book he write about ADSL and Wallet Tables you know it today under the name Smartphone nobody understand his Vision but he was right its easy to criticism this kind of People


    • 35 billion? common man, I know u are long and want a huge gain here, but that is nonsense. perhaps 3 billion.. Nestragel, although AIS will not go alone on that, will likely bring in 1 billion in its first year, and 3 billion by it's 3rd.. I estimate AIS will receive no less than 20 percent royalty deal = 200 to 500 million long term revenue for AIS.. up front and milestones will be important for AIS, as that will go to financing its core biz of injectors/Biosims.

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      • Scott - I agree. Let's just take a shot in the dark on a PPS range applicable to only your $200M to $500M revenues to AIS for NestraGel. Assume for the sake of argument a margin of 40% on these revenues (I know, the margin will be on the actual product sales, not the royalties, but this adds another layer to these conservative estimates), further assume outstanding shares increase to 125M (could be higher by the time NestraGel revenues start to roll in), and further assume PE of 20 (which is very conservative for a company that can deliver the type of accelerated earnings that would result from such NestraGel revenues), my old calculator yields a PPS range of $12.80 to $32.00 just on NestraGel revenues. So what is the present value of that type of range?


    • Please only be on Real facts. !!
      Antares Pharma is a Profitable Company
      3 FDA Approved Produkts
      Watson Anturol Deal !! And European Partnering this Q1 Q2 2012
      Pfizer Deal paymant from Pfizer 2012 ~ 2015 and more !! from Pfizer
      Vibex MTX Partnering Worldwide come Q1 or Q2 2012
      Only Vibex MTX Rheumatid Arthritis have a World Wide market over 35 Billion
      yes a Big Market
      Nestra Gel have a World Wide Market over 5 Billion NestraGel Partnering come soon
      Only this 2 Drugs can generate in upcoming Future 3~ 5 years net income for Antares Pharma over 3 Billion a Year
      I will say Antares Pharma is very Good Investment.
      Antares Pharma is a Cash Cow ! 100% Takeover Candidate
      Antares Pharma Shares without Takeover in 3~ 5 Years is over 73$
      Ok you can laugh
      but I write last Year Anturol Approval come 100%
      Libi Gel will Fail and Biosante Shares go Down to 0,40$~0,60$
      some of you laughed but i was right