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  • stockdaug stockdaug Mar 13, 2012 8:12 PM Flag

    News! Benadryl Fast-Melt = Pfizer license!

    Took ole' stockdaug some time, but I've finally nailed it. It's Benadryl fast-melt using Antares fast-melt technology to address a problem that arose a few years back

    This friends is over the counter, and notice the oral benadryl is often used by patients who need the EpiPen for 'food allergy' shock.


    Bsav, get to work on how much this is worth to us!!! I continue on the DD while L-daug tries to catch up.

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    • Here is the information:

      “Children with a severe allergy to peanuts or soy usually need to have diphenhydramine (Benadryl) liquid and an EpiPen (epinephrine) Auto-Injector nearby at all times, including at the child’s school. These medicines can lessen the effects of an allergic reaction. One mother bought a product known as Benadryl Fastmelt to restock her soy-allergic child’s school supply of Benadryl. This medicine comes as a tablet that dissolves quickly in the mouth without water. These work well for children who can’t swallow pills. They are also easier to carry around than a bottle of liquid medicine. Before she sent the medicine to school, however, she checked the ingredients. She was surprised to see that soy was one of the ingredients in the medicine. Soy was the reason her child might need to take the Benadryl! Her child might have had a serious allergic reaction just from the Benadryl alone. This important information is not easy to find on the carton. In fact, most people would not even look at the added ingredients listed on the label. And why would they if they are used to buying Benadryl products for their allergies? Pfizer, the maker of Benadryl Fastmelt, has been asked to make the information about the soy protein ingredient more visible on the label, or better yet, to remove soy from the medicine. But this is a good example of why it is important to read all the ingredients in medicines listed on the labels.”

      And the link:

    • I have no idea how you found it, but I wouldn't bet against this one.

    • I believe tman (Ron) and Tappy had first speculated on a fast melt product for the undisclosed Pfizer deal.
      And now with your specific product Benadryl, it makes sense.

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      • I have a food allergy. (peaches, black cherries etc). I carry a fast melt benadryl thingy that I found at the pharmacy. It's a sheet of quick melt plastic kinda like those mint breath quick melt plastics. (it's actually sugar I think).

        so you're saying there is something faster?


      • Oh Jab9, it all begins unravel

        EpiPen Pfizer v Teva ... a war over the epinephrine injector

        Fast-melt Benadryl Pfizer

        It's clear now why Pfizer has gone to war with Teva. Pfizer wants to control this entire space with both its injector and the oral fast-melt tablet. Pfizer got King for injector, and now Pfizer wants Antares for its fast-melt tablet for Benadryl.

        Watch the pps tomorrow. The two companies may have to make a move on Antares now that it's out in the open!!!

        This post is probably worth about $1/share UP UP UP!!!