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  • southofdisorder07 southofdisorder07 Apr 17, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    And finally - To Zincfinger

    Go crawl back into your "Big Bang Theory" cave please. You are one of the ones who have caused alot of small investors to lose alot of money, and you should know better with that high IQ of yours.

    You have little regard for anyone who is not at your level and you are a putz.

    Fins up!

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    • "Red,
      Thank you for your report on the meeting.
      When I finally met Kim face to face about a year ago at the technical textiles show in Atlanta I walk away with the same overall impression that you seem to have."

      When you met Kim a year ago you were saying the same exact things you are saying now. I was right, you were wrong.

    • From Red: "Kim's stories and insight on the trials and tribulations of the journey and the deals that were so close yet not relaized are of true storybook quality. "

      So let me get this straight, first of all red is the only shareholder at this point to come forward and say he was at the meeting so nothing he says holds any weight with me until someone else can verify it. But, Kim has for months told us nothing, pumpers have repeatedly said Kim can say nothing about the companies he is talking to because of NDA's but all of the sudden he can tell stories at a shareholder meeting about all the close calls he had? That would invalidate the NDA. Sounds like more fluff from red and Kim.

      "We asked any and all questions that anyone could want to ask and he answered them with the utmost of professionalism."

      This has never happened before and he doesn't post what questions were answered. And he knows full well what questions have been asked and what the supposed answers were.

      "He slipped a couple times, but I will not report on the information. Maybe my fellow shareholders picked up on that, maybe they didn't."

      More BS

      "The shareholders enthusiasm and Ben and Kim's enthusiasm for the company and the future produced an electricity in the room."

      I'm fresh out of caring about Kim's enthusiasm for the company and the future. RESULTS, NOW! ANSWERS NOW!

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