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  • corner.pocket67 corner.pocket67 Oct 8, 2013 5:32 PM Flag

    *** That Last Trade was Ridiculous ***

    It's ridiculous that a company like KBLB and its market makers can place a trade at the end of the day like that.

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    • You wanna see ridiculous? Bob's up to his usual self again.

      "I sent Ben an email yesterday asking why he felt the PPS kept declining after about 2:00 pm.
      As is his nature, he responded immediately telling me that there were 1,871,019 shares shorted.
      What will take care of these clowns is real news. Once we leave penny land sometime next year, the amount of shorts will decline.
      You can sense the panic among the naysayers anytime good news comes out. They come out in droves to attack anything they can to make sure the PPS stays down.
      Much of it involves shorting; some of it involves a fear that the longs, like me and others, will really make a boatload of money on this stock. Jealousy is a horrible trait, and it exists even here in KBLB land...."

      For a guy that claims to be 60 and has invested for years and knows the stock market like the back of his hand, he sure is a real idiot. I mean this is the same guy that can't figure out pink sheets don't trade AH's. So he can't figure out why the PPS tanked and feels he needs to send an elementary school type email to SWA's planted mole asking him why. And of course Ben uses the "shares shorted" excuse, lol.

      No Bob, we tell it like it is regardless if KBLB comes out with carrots or not, the PPS stays down because Kim has been farting around for 3 years, has no funding, and has no commercialization deal and has once again pushed the timeline back. A fear that longs will make money? LMAO, that's a first, I've never heard of a fear of making money.

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      • "Eventually, someone will know the true value of KBLB and will make a gigantic offer to buy us out. By the way, that price will not be below $15.00."

        Hey Bob, KBLB can't get funding but someone is going to buy them out? And at a premium? Someone will know the true value of KBLB? Apparently they already do because the bank won't give them money and the buyers won't sign a deal for Monster Silk. That's a pretty good indication of it's value.

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