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  • jrau7338 jrau7338 Mar 15, 2013 5:23 PM Flag

    Raises and bonuses

    what a bunch of Bull S@##@##T. How can this company award raises and bonuses when the companies stock has lost 2/3 of its value!

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    • if u dont like this stock sell out and buy something else. or keep beaing the thing down so i can buy at discount. In 3 years when revenue begins exceeding 50M what price you want to pay?

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      • Interesting ownership group....

        Institutional and insider ownership 2012...

        John Paul DeJoria 4,021,726(11) 9.99%

        John Paul DeJoria
        Net Worth$4 B

        John Paul Mitchell Systems, has roughly $1 billion in annual sales. His Patron Spirits, started as a hobby with pal Martin Crawley in 1989, sold more than 2.4 million cases of tequila in 2011. DeJoria gives to charities that help people help themselves. Chrysalis provides L.A. homeless with a fresh start; Grow Appalachia hands people the supplies and knowledge needed to grow their own food.

        Intersouth Partners 2,737,580 4.93 New 0 02/08/2012

        CNF Investments II, LLC 634,679 1.14 New 0 02/08/2012

        HARBERT VENTURE PARTNERS LLC 423,119 0.76 New 0 02/08/2012

        Aurora Funds Limited 253,872 0.46 New 0 02/08/2012

        TULLIS DICKERSON CAPITAL FOCUS III, L.P. 126,936 0.23 New 0 02/08/2012

        New Markets Growth Fund, LLC 42,312 0.08 New 0 02/08/2012

        Moneta Group Investment Advisors Inc 38,601 0.05 New 0.05 06/30/2012

        Tall Oaks Capital Partners, LLC 12,694 0.02 New 0 02/08/2012

        John Hancock Investment Mgt Svcs, LLC 2,220 0 New 0 06/30/2012

        JHVIT Total Stock Market Index Tr Ser I 2,220 0 New 0 06/30/2012


        Claymore ETF Tr-Claymore Wilshire Micro Cap ETF (i) 05/31/12 9.0K $12.8K 0.01%

        Name of Beneficial Owner Beneficial Ownership(1) Percent of Class(1)
        James S. Benson 326,667 (2) *
        Joseph Del Guercio 683,878 (3) *
        Edward L. Field 200,000 (4) *
        Lyle A. Hohnke 475,000 (5) *
        David E. Jorden 7,083,325 (6) 9.4 %
        Stephen N. Keith 136,667 (7) *
        Richard S. Kent 3,024,508 (8) 4.0 %
        Andrew S. Maslan 465,055 (9) *
        Mark T. McLoughlin 346,668 (10) *
        Martin P. Rosendale 1,021,404 (11) 1.4 %
        Patrick P. Vanek 43,334 (12) *
        C. Eric Winzer 136,667 (13) *
        Group consisting of executive officers and directors 13,943,173 17.8 %

        ALDAGEN HOLDINGS, LLC 13,539,816

      • so you are saying dead money for 3 years

    • Having two FDA approved products and you think they shouldn't rewarded. It takes time to bring in revenue and all biotechs raise money until their products come online and make enough to cover expenses and become profitable. They don't have outragious operating expenses and should be proftable by 2014. Do you guys live under a rock???? You shorts ought to get better ammunition to scare the longs here. Posting stupid stuff isn't enough.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • They could have 10 FDA approved products. What counts is execution.

        Bonuses come AFTER: Partnership, 30 patient safety data, raising money without screwing longs, Phase II Success, Autologel launch, cash flow positive, stock price well off 52 week lows, delivery on promises, institutional buying, coverage from a reputable analyst, hope among shareholders.

        Management without integrity takes bonuses with NONE of the above in place and the stock at 52 week lows. The audacity to take bonuses at this time is unbelievable,

        Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    • We know if they run out of options, they can declare bankruptcy like they did before. Reorganize, sell more shares, give themselves bonuses and try again. and again... How about a bonus after running successful trials and marketing efforts.

    • � Martin Rosendale (Chief Executive Officer, director) - to approve an increase in his base annual salary to $385,000, and (ii) in recognition of his services to the Company in 2012, grant a $91,000 cash bonus,

      � Edward L. Field (Chief Operating Officer) - to approve an increase in his base annual salary to $290,000, and (ii) in recognition of his services to the Company in 2012, grant a $57,180 cash bonus.

      � Andrew S. Maslan (Chief Financial Officer) - in recognition of his services to the Company in 2012, to grant a $52,500 cash bonus.

      Shows what kind of men they are. And it shows what they think of the shareholders.